Operation: Kitty is an operation that will take place sometime in Late August of 2014. It will be the KLA's first mission. The objective of the mission is for the PHD to stop the KLA from making some of the PHD agents not be mean to kitties.

Operation Kitty
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Are You Gay? No
When will the glorious really great v4ndal nation strike again? September or October 2014
Free Candy(s) Unknown
Location PHD HQ, KLA HQ, Penguin City, Catworld (possibly)
Special Agent(s)  ?


Agent Fire had told Ballono that the PHD might attack the KLA as some of their agents are in the PHD. Ballono knew that this probably wasn't true. Thinking about the PHD, Ballono realized that the non-KLA agents there probably hated kitties. He wanted to stop this.


8/19/14 - Ballono announces the mission.

PHD Agents Taking Part of This Mission


Enemy Agents Taking Part of This Mission


  • Agent Future/Galaxy/Universe decides that he may move the mission to September or October since nobody is signing up.
  • This mission might be cancelled.