Egg timer

A clock, what naughty pookies can reset the timer on


A naughty pookie drooling

Screenshot 2014-11-09 at 2.30.33 PM

What naughty pookies steal from their wistas(toys)


A naughty pookie

Screen Shot 2014-08-30 at 7.49.36 PM

A naughty pookie cutting a guest

They are sneaky, pesky pookies born to cause trouble around the fam fam. Here is a list of what they do:
  • Sneak food from the fridge
  • Steal things
  • Destroy things
  • (If they have a wista) Take their toys without permission
  • (If there is a library in the fam fam igloo) Tip bookshelves
  • Cry endlessly (example: WWAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!)
  • (If there are puffles) Eat the puffles
  • Drive the car
  • Scream at night
  • Go hyper every second
  • Constantly wet their dippy
  • Make one of the fam fam rooms into their mini apartment
  • (If there is a computer) Download hacking systems
  • Draw on the walls
  • Lick another fam fam member's food
  • Flip tables
  • (If there is a window) Fall out the window on purpose
  • (If there is a TV) Turn it at the highest volume
  • Put their booger in a fam fam member's food.
  • (If there is a biggy answering homework) Rip the homework

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