The pookie mumus adore (brainless ones)

are pookie's moms/mums. Adoptive or biological mothers. Why the name 'mumu' was chosen is unknown. Mumu is pronounced as moo moo so maybe pookies think they are cows, they are the pookie's third stage in life.

Pookies Parents

Pookies usually have one parent, and one sibling or two or three. Very rarely do you see a pookie with both a mumu and a duh duh. Which means being a single mother is all the rage now in CP. Mumu's usually are really loving while Duh Duh's don't really care.


1) All mumus pretend to be rich.

2) All mumus are selfish except with their family.

3) They think they have fans.

4) They are all fans of the blue team.

5) When there's an intruder to their home or someone abusing their pookie, they don't know to do anything else except saying 'ignore him/her' and pookies always say things like 'ignores, done, ignored him/her, ignored' but they didn't really do it. It's just for the intruder or abuser to be fooled and leave.

6) They are often misaken for preps, who are teen penguins who were pookies. They also have pookies sometimes but they are their biggy, not mumu.

7) They are all clones of each other.

8) They are all trashy and fake.

9) All mumus are kids who have a superiority complex because they are doing online parenting through club penguin.


An average mumu.


A mumu in a pookie's view