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This article is a list of things.

This is the list of operations of Pookie Hater Defense in 2014.

Operation Logo Start Date End Date Free Items Mascots Locations
Operation S.T.O.POperation- Stop LogoApril 21May 23NoneNonePPW Wiki
Operation U.N.P.O.O.K.I.EOperation- UnPookie LogoApril 6June 5NoneAgent Club, Agent Bon ChaosVarious Parts of Club Penguin Island
Operation S.P.E.E.DSPEEDMay 23TBANoneAgent Bon ChaosClub Penguin Island, Pet Shop
Operation B.A.N.K.S.H.O.TOperation Bankshot LogoJune 28July 9$1000 & UpgradesAgent Club, Agent Bongi6, Agent Unknown, Agent Omega XOuter Space
Operation KeyboardNo logoJuly 5July 5NoneAgent Bongi6, Agent Extreme, Agent Future/Galaxy/UniversePenguin City
Operation KidnapNo logoJuly 8July 10NoneAgent Bongi6, Agent Extreme, Agent Club, Agent Omega X, Agent Future/Galaxy/Universe

Penguin City

Operation T.R.E.A.TOperation Treat LogoOctober 23October 31$6000 and itemsAgent Club, Agent Bongi6, Agent Alyssa, Agent DartClub Penguin Island, Puffle Hotel, Pet Shop
Operation C.H.I.C.KOperation ChickNovember 12TBA$7000 and UpgradesNonePet Shop, Club Penguin Island
Operation M.O.V.ENo logoNovember 15TBA$7000 and UpgradesNonePet Shop, Ski Lodge
Operation H.O.L.I.D.A.YOperation Holiday LogoDecember 19January 1$8000, Uprgrades and Holiday ItemsNonePenguin City, Pet Shop