This is a list of pookie hater types in Club Penguin.


  • Pookie Hater
  • Pookie Skiller
  • Pookie Hunter

Pookie Hater:

Pookie Haters are somebody who dislikes pookies for many reasons and normally try to avoid them, they do not necessarily need to skill or abuse pookies but they can. They are the most common type of pookie hater around.

Pookie Skiller:

Pookie Skillers are a type of haters who wants to skill, destroy, etc, the pookies they also go around abusing them and some may dress up as robbers.

Pookie Hunter:

Pookie Hunters are a type of haters who hunts for pookies and when they find one, they either kidnap or take the pookie to a dangerous area, like an oven. They are also called "Pookie Kidnappers" but pookies just call them "kiddies".


  • Usually hunters dress up as robbers, but skillers also dress up as robbers sometimes.
  • Skillers usually skill the owner first before skilling the pookie, that way the pookie can't get any help.
  • They work for the Pookie Hater Defense.