Flare Blade is one of Agent Unknown's Flame Sword moves and is also the most powerful attack of the Flame Sword.


This is the strongest attack Agent Unknown can do with the Flame Sword.

He will need a lot of concentration in order to perform this attack. He must have complete focus and then he shall charge up the attack with his sword gaining more power while he focuses on it and then when it reaches the maximum amount and is fully charged, he slashes it down on his enemies which has a 90% chance of the enemy getting killed, a 5% chance of the enemy setting on fire, a 4% chance of the opponent getting a scar and a 1% chance of nothing happening. An explosion also occurs with the attack and when not fully charged, it does nothing but a bit of knockback and Agent Unknown can damage himself from the fully charged explosion.


  • It is possible for Agent Unknown to get hurt while preforming this attack.
  • This attack is the same as Roy from the Fire Emblem series.