The EB army are the robot identical to their leader the Original Extremebot. They are each made out of Adamantium Vibranium making them extremely powerful and 99% purely, indestructible. They are a part of the powerful robot army of Agent Bongi6 and Agent Extreme along with the Original Robo-bongi6 and his Army of Robo-Bongi6(s), an army of Robo-Keyboards and an army of Unpookies with no Original Leader. They have proven their power by destabilising the KLA HQ, beating the agents and locking them up, and destroying the KLA without even braking a circuit.


  • The army is indestructible.
  • It is loyal to the PHD.
  • It listens to its main 4 leaders; agent B, agent E, Original EB, RB6, and RB3 (Robot-Boo 3.)
  • It has now been revived by Agent Extreme.

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