Exploding Chewing Gum is a special gum manufactured by Boo Industries.


The gum comes in various types of flavors, when pookies chew it the gum their head will explode. The gum will also have a number on it which tells the user how big the explosion will be.

  • 10: This will just explode the pookie's head.
  • 50: This will explode not only the pookie's head, but people around it as well.
  • 100: This will explode not just the pookie's head, but the whole igloo. The dangerous one so far.

The gum secretly has gun powder in it and when a pookie's drool touches it, it will cause a trigger and explode. Any other type of drool will not explode and only pookie drool will.


  • When a pookie hater or a normal penguin chews the gum, it will just taste really bad for them and will not explode.

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