Elmo Killer Smoothie marketed as "Elmo Thriller Smoothie" is a deadly poisonous drink made by dead pookie blood and the X-Virus; it was created by Agent Extreme. Pookies are attracted by it which makes them addicted to it but as soon as they drink it they will die.


"Try Agent Extreme's Elmo Thriller Smoothie made 100% vitamins and healthy for your pookies!"


  • Agent Extreme is currently collecting pookie blood and filling tanks with the deadly poisonous drink.
  • Elmo Killer Smoothie

    A box of Elmo Killer Smoothie.

    It is marketed as "Elmo Thriller Smoothie" so pookie owners won't find out about it.
  • He has also done some study on the biological pookie structure and thus it destroys the pookie's organs in the insides.