Eikoop vision

How an eikoop sees the world (grayscale)


An eikoop

Eikoops (pronounced ay-coop) are devastating, powerful counterparts of pookies made by Agent Brasher. Eikoops' names are pookie spelled backwards. Eikoops are made of the following:
  • Pookie Brains
  • Puffle fur
  • Butter
  • Pookie tongues
  • Cameras
  • Bricks
  • Bane of pookies ore (the secret ingredient)

The only downside with them though, Bane of pookies ore is the secret ingredient, and it is needed, or else, the resulting eikoop will be unstable and won't last long.


  • They are violent and abrasive.
  • They can't speak, but can type backwards.
  • Their left eye is a camera.
  • Bane of pookies ore is somewhat tough.

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