Club Penguin Island or simply Club Penguin (CP) or CP Isle is an enormous, major port city of Antarctica. Many penguins live in this island and is also the home to various mascots. It is a small island but has many penguins due to its high server count.

This island should not be confused with Penguin City.


Many agencies are keeping Club Penguin Island safe and has many protection. The island has various things for protecting such as the Club Penguin Police Department for arresting robbers. Pookie Hater Defense for arresting pookies as well as the Pookie Protection Program for protecting pookies.

Here is a brief list of some of the agencies that protect/Protected the island.


Club Penguin Island is a very large island; since the island is very large, severs are installed. Penguins go on various severs and places throughout the island. The middle of the island is the Snow Forts, the eastern region of the island is mainly populated with Pizza Parlors, Pet Shops, and a movie threater. The south eastern part of the island usually has igloos, the homes of penguins and it also has a forest, beyond that there is also a small Cove as well.

The northern eastern part of the island has a school as well as a mine shack where penguins dig for treasure, on the far eastern side there is a skate park where penguins go there to skate.

Over on the northern part of the island has a coffee shop where penguins like to drink coffee and relax, a clothes chop where penguins usually dress in certain outfits, and a dance lounge where penguins go to dance. On the lower northern side of the island is a small dock, not much goes on there, on the far left nortern side of the island is a beach with a lighthouse which has a beacon on top. Penguins often play bands in the lighthouse and often relax outside the beach.

The northern western part has a ski lodge and a ski hill. This is usually where penguins like to have sled racing and relax in the ski lodge by the fire. It also has a phone facility which is the home to the Elite Penguin Force (EPF).


  • Club Penguin's motto is "Waddle on!"
  • There are other islands similar to Club Penguin Island that are out there somewhere.
  • An Island that is VERY similar to Club Penguin (Island) is Club Penguin Island. The Penguin Puffle Union is the Club Penguin Island's version of the PHD.