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Club's Story is a fiction book that is currently in development by Club's Company and Snowball Press. The book is based on Agent Club on how he became what he is today and his life.


When a normal ordinary penguin discoveres Club Penguin island, he finds out that everything is not what it seems.

ChapterRelease Date
PrologueFebruary 18, 2015
1February 21, 2015
2February 28, 2015
3March 7, 2015
4March 14, 2015


Prologue: The Beginning

A blue ordinary normal penguin named Club lived in an igloo in the middle of Antarctica. He was a lonely penguin and wanted friends for a change. His depressing days went on forever until one day that changed everything in his life.

He got up from bed and went to get coffee when he heard knocking from his igloo door. He thought it was just some visitor and he was just imagining things but however someone was definitely knocking on his igloo. Club went to see who it was only to find out it was nothing but a flyer to a place called Club Penguin. Club went back into his house and began reading the flyer, as he read he discovered it was a place where penguins could live free and have friends. He celebrated and dialed the number and danced however, while he was dancing someone knocked on his door again. He went to go over to see who it was but instead got kidnapped and teleported away by a stranger.

Chapter 1: Omega's Case

Club woke up in a station tied up on a chair in a jail cell. He wanted to know what all happened, suddenly the alarms went off and a door opened which came a blue penguin in a suit. He opened his cell door and untied Club, they both went to his office. He introduces himself as Omega X and tells Club about everything what happened. It is revealed that they are doing a mission in which they are searching all over Antarctica for somebody that can help them. Club wanted to know about his trip to Club Penguin island. Omega claims that if he helps him with his mission, he promises that he'll go to Club Penguin island. Club agrees to the mission and tells him what they will do first.

In which they'll destroy robbers.

Chapter 2: Unknown's Robbery

Club is shocked about destroying robbers. Omega shows Club all the robbers in Antarctica. Omega and his team are planning to get rid of all the robbers with the Club Penguin Police Department director named Chapa32. Club asks who is behind all of the robbing in which Omega needs to get rid of an agency called the Robber Penguin Agency which is lead by a robber called Agent Unknown which he is planning to make all of the robbers in Antarctica the richest penguins in the whole world by robbing. Agent Unknown is currently planning a robbery at the Penguin City Bank. They then get ready to head out on the Omega helicopters.

An hour later they were in one of Omega's helicopters flying over all of Antarctica. A while later they could see Penguin City in the distance. They flew down into the distance of the city. They jump off helicopters activating their parachutes and landed into the city skyline. A helicopter in the skyline watched as they landed, it wasn't one of the Omega helicopters, it was a RPA helicopter.

Club and Omega landed in the middle of the city and found the bank. However, suddenly a large group of robbers ran out of the building with money bags. A purple penguin with dark vision goggles saw them found out about the plan. It was Agent Unknown with a ray gun. He calls out a bunch of his robbers and attacks them with their ray guns. After a short battle with the robbers Omega finally retreats and heads back into the Omega Headquarters and abandons Club with the robbers. Club gets shot with Unknown's ray gun after getting abandoned.

Chapter 3: The Meeting

Club was trapped in a jail cell in a small room. He hears a voice that tells him to wake up. He opens his eyes and sees a red penguin in a black and white striped outfit named Agent Unknown. Club demands to know what happened and where is he. Unknown says he is in the Robber Penguin Agency Headquarters in which his agents talk about their missions, talk about their robberies and protect their stolen money. Club then wants to know about where did Omega go. Unknown remembers that and says he needs to talk with Club about Omega. He unlocks Club's cell and they both go to the meeting room down the elevator.

Club and Unknown sit in the meeting room. Unknown says that the other robbers are doing their robberies and robbing more money from the Penguin City bank. Club remembers something and thanks Unknown for rescuing him. Unknown says he needs to show Club something and grabs a remote off the meeting table and presses one of the buttons. A giant screen showed up with a picture of Agent Omega X. Unknown notes that Omega had abandoned Club while he escaped. He is also the Robber Penguin Agency's number one enemy on their wanted list and is trying to get rid of all the robbers in Antarctica. Unknown then reveals that Omega is planning something that will change Penguin City forever. Unknown then presses one of the buttons on the remote and the screen changed to show Omega standing on top of a pile of money. It is revealed that Omega is using the money that the robbers stole to destroy Penguin City and changing it to Omega City. It is also revealed that the Robber Penguin Agency are protecting the money from Omega to prevent this happening. The Club Penguin Police Department and Chapa23 don't know about it at all and always trust Omega to keep the money safe. Unknown tells Club that Omega was just using him as part of his plan. He had to capture Club and tell him about the truth. He then offers Club to join the Robber Penguin Agency to which Club accepts.


  • This is Club's Company's first book and the first one to be worked with Snowball Press.

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