'You make me mad, I make you Chocolate'

-Agent Bon Chaos

'The' Choco-Beam is a weapon created by Agent Bon Chaos that, as the name suggest, turns the opponent into Chocolate. It was created on December, 15, 2014 but was not used until December, 21st, 2014, where it was used to turn the guard of Agent Alyssa's cell to a complete Chocolate model of the him.

How it works.

It works by using Alimun, a rare mineral found in Penguin City mines, to charge a quick beam where who is ever hit by it, will be turned into Chocolate.

Kinds of Chocolates it can use.

The Beam can turn the victim who ish it by it into many different things including.

  • A Chocolate Model of the victim (can be any kind of Chocolate, examples include dark chocolate and white chocolate)
  • A Chococlate Bar (can also be different flavors)
  • A Chcolate Donut.
  • A Chocolate Cake.


  • Currently, every UnPookie has to have one equipped.
  • It was based off an attack used by Majin Buu, the favourite charcter of Agent Bon Chaos from the Manga/Anime series Dragon Ball.


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