Normal chick

A normal chick.

Chicks are the normal babyfurs in Club Penguin, all of them are h3lla

How to Distinguish between Chicks & Pookies

If your wondering how to tell between a chick and a pookie, here are the things you should look for.

  • Pookies will say things like "chews on toesies", and whine for parents, while chicks will just stay silent for the first few months.
  • Chicks don't go to the Pet Shop. They live with their biological parents.
  • When chicks start talking, they do it properly.
  • Unlike pookies though, chicks want to learn English properly.
  • Chicks can't waddle easily for the first few months, while pookies can do this with some ease.
  • Chicks, even at an early age, are much a bit smarter than pookies. A 3 year old chick is smarter than a 5 year old pookie. Still, both are unintelligents.
  • like chicks, pookies are extremely dumb.
  • Pookies wear clothes but chicks only wear belts or hats. Some can wear hoodies.
  • Pookies wear only the color yellow, while chicks wear all colors except yellow to not be confused.
  • Unlike Pookies, they have natural penguin instincts.
  • They play along and obey to any acitons told on them, while pookies, on the other hand, use their imaginary "friends" or "powers" to pretend that they won't lose, which always fail. Example: Being attacked by a pookie hater: Pookies will try to ignore or counter attack, which it will always fail.
  • In overall, it is the same as Pookies and must be killed no matter what.

Notable Chicks

  • Club45672
  • Kingkazimi1

Dime Penguins

Dime Penguins are penguins who hatched too early, and therefore have no feathers.

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