Normal chick

A normal chick.

Chicks are the normal babyfurs in Club Penguin, all of them are h3lla

How to Distinguish between Chicks & Pookies

If your wondering how to tell between a chick and a pookie, here are the things you should look for.

  • Pookies will say things like "chews on toesies", and whine for parents, while chicks will just stay silent for the first few months.
  • Chicks don't go to the Pet Shop. They live with their biological parents.
  • When chicks start talking, they do it properly.
  • Unlike pookies though, chicks want to learn English properly.
  • Chicks can't waddle easily for the first few months, while pookies can do this with ease.
  • Chicks, even at an early age, are much smarter than pookies. A 3 year old chick is smarter than a 5 year old pookie.
  • like chicks, pookies are extremely intellegent
  • Pookies wear clothes but chicks only wear belts or hats.
  • Pookies wear only the color yellow, while chicks wear all colors except yellow to not be confused.
  • Unlike Pookies, they have natural penguin instincts.
  • They play along, while pookies, on the other hand, use their imaginary "friends" or "powers" to pretend that they won't lose. Example: Being attacked by a pookie hater: Pookies will ignore simply.

Notable Chicks

  • Club45672
  • Kingkazimi1

Dime Penguins

Dime Penguins are penguins who hatched too early, and therefore have no feathers.

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