The Chick Protection Program (CPP) is a CP agency founded by Agent 300, however, on September 18, 2014; Agent Slash took over the CPP, this agency was dedicated to protecting chicks in Club Penguin. The agency was supposed to try to bring the chicks a comeback to Club Penguin.


Agent 300 a member of pookie hater wanted to join Operation C.H.I.C.K, he asked if he could help out with the mission and join Pookie Hater Defense. Agent Club, the SIC of the Pookie Hater Defense, accepts. September 9, 2014, the Chick Protection Program is launched.


On September 18, 2014; Agent 300 decided to quit the Chick Protection Program, he let Agent Slash took his place. On November 14, 2014; Agent 300 decided to retire from the CPP.


  • Agent 300 was banned due to blackmailing, causing flame wars, however, he may soon be back and get revenge.
  • He had a fight with Agent Unknown because of the idea with Chick Protection Program and they hate eachother and was mad at Agent Club of banning him.
  • When he returns, he might get revenge on Agent Unknown and Agent Club. This is most likely.