Cadet is a trainee, candets are associates, or Penguins who want to become an agent for Pookie Hater Defense. They can be a junior trainee or a Penguin that trains in order to become a worker for the PHD.

When They Join

Some agents are automatically agents when they join but some may want to be a cadet first before they join. When they are a cadet, they are in training and doing various tasks to join PHD, such as mental and physical tests. The tests are also very hard.


  • Associates and visitors will often become cadets first before they officially join PHD.
  • They will take orders from the director and every other superior grades.
  • They hate Pookies but rarely, some cadets ends up being tricked by PPP Agents and they become Pookie Lovers, via PPP Agents.
  • They can arrest Pookies if they see one.
  • Cadets must do the missions they are told to do.
  • Cadet aren't considered to be a rank since they are Pookie Haters in training.