Boo TV was created by Agent Boo. And Agent Club gave him the idea to start it.

Boo TV

Boo TV started on April 10, 2015. Boo TV (A channel on your TV) is on all TVs known to Penguinkind. Their shows are Club of the Penguins and Stick Diemsions.

BooTV Logo (White Version)

The Logo

Club of the Penguins

Club of the Penguins are about 2 penguins named Joe and Bill. They have averge days and is a comedy. Their days are sometimes not normal. Bill is a pookie hater and Joe is a pookie lover. They sometimes have arguments but they are both brothers.


Episode 1 : "The Protecter and the Hater"

Joe and Bill both go to Club Penguin and gets a hotel. They see a pookie next door and Bill tries to attack the pookie. Joe protects the pookie and they start to have a big fight. They both get out their weapons and fight. The pookie grabs both of their swords and takes them out. The pookie takes her disguise and turns out to be a  puffle. The puffle says that he was joking around cause it was April Fool's Day. The puffle than closes the door and Joe and Bill go back to their hotel room.

Episode 2 : "The flying SAUCER"

Joe and Bill go to the Ski Hill and order some pizza. Bill orders a pizza with squid and Joe orders a pizza with cheese. They than see a UFO land with pizza. A alien comes out and Bill and Joe try to make a run for it. The alien captures them and expermints them in their lab. The alien takes measurements of their beaks. The UFO than lands on another planet. Joe sees the pizza and opens it, he than throws it at the alien's face putting heat on the alien's face. The alien acidently opens their cuffs and Bill and Joe escape. They take the pizza and throw the alien off. They go back to CP and crashes into the EPF. They than make a run for it before the EPF catches them. They than start eating the pizza.

Stick Diemsions

Stick Diemsions is about a show with stick people. Like wires but different. They go to different diemsions to try to find their way back to their home. They have fights against others and in one episode Wires and Stick Diemsions will meet eachother and it will be unkown what they would do. One of the charaters are named Max and Henry


Episode 1 : "The Diemsion"

After packing up to go to Italy,they find a strange diamond object. They pick it up and sends them to the Negative Dimension. They meet their negative selves and fight eachother. The diamond some hows makes a black hole and sends the negative selves into the portal. They than have to go back home but don't know how. They than open a portal and goes into the portal.

Episode 2 : "2D movies rule!"

Max and Henry go throught the portal and go into a diemsion that is 2D. It turns out they were on paper! Max looks around and finds a pencil and Henry finds a eraser. They than see some zombies come out of no where. Max draws swords with the pencil and start fighting the zombie. Henry says someone else also has a pencil. They than see more zombies coming. They slice their heads off. Than another stick figure person comes. The other stick figure person says his name is Jhon and holds a rocket laucher. Jhon than attacks them. Max uses his sword and cuts the missile in half. Henry tells Max to distract Jhon. While Max is distracting Jhon, Henry gets out his eraser and erases Jhon from the paper. The diamond activates a portal and they go through them.

Episode 3 : "Digitaly"

Max and Henry enter out a computer and are very 3D looking. Instead they are retagular prisms. They than see this computer guy. The computer guy says that he was trapped here and that he needed a way out! The computer guy leads them to his 3D house and offers Henry and Max some drinks. The computer guy than goes into a room. Max says that he is going to check what the computer guy is doing. Max hears that the computer guy was going to use the diamond to go to the Stick World and take over it. Max quickly goes to his drink. Max than says that he said the computer guy is going to use the diamond to go take over the Stick World. The computer guy comes out. Henry quickly looks for a weapon so does Max. The computer guy says that he was going to kidnap them and use them. The computer guy than summons minature versions of him. Max and Henry see a remote control that the computer guy was using. They than dodged the minature versions and than took the remote. Henry made the minature versions attack the computer guy. The diamond activates a portal and they go through.


.A new episode comes on Saturday night.