Boo Industries HQ is owned by Agent Boo and is for Boo Industries.

The Building

The HQ is located in Club Penguin near Snowy Mountains. It is well covered up and has advance security. There are tons of elite cameras watching the front door which can shoot out lasers when a enemy is spotted. There are also elite cameras inside the building as well.


Remember PHD eyes only, I repeat PHD eyes only!

Inside The Building

The Building is divided into 7 parts.

Meeting Room

The meeting room is where the workers talk about new inventions and what may needs improving. Before every meeting they always bring their coffee or Cream Soda. They may also have parties for certain things. There is also a flat HD, Large TV in front of the room which has over 300 channels including Penguin City Channels.

The Storage Room

The Storage Room is where all of the materials are needed to make the inventions. There are many things in the storage. There are so many that sometimes the stuff leaks out of the storage.

Invention Room

The Invention room is where the workers make inventions. There are computers, chairs and more there to work around.

Testing Room

The testing room is where workers test their inventions and see if it works. Or it needs improving.

Electric Room

The electric room is where all the electricity comes to the building. There is TONS of Wind-Mills and Solar Panels. They produce so much electricity it can make someone on fire! Sometimes there may be electricity in the air. Workers must be very careful when going in this room. There is even Moon-Panels. The moon panels are like Solar-Panels but instead work at night. Double the work.

Control Room

Control Room is where the controls are. Such as lights, AC and more! This is also where the monitors from the Elite Cameras footage is.

Break Room

The break room is where workers relax and take a break. There are water fountains,video games and more!

The Workers

The workers are agents in the EPF. They have been picked out one of the best inventors from the EPF to work there. They think that they work for the EPF but they really work for the PHD.


The security is not just Elite Cameras. There are also Robo-Guards (Made by Boo Industries) in the Boo Mechs walking around the building. There are even robots protecting the out side. When a enemy is captured they will be taken to a Warning 9P and will go to Agent Boo's Underwater Base. For the door, before you enter,must enter a password. After you do that you must answer one question of EPF history. If you past that it will tell you to put your hand on it. Than if you still past it, it will than scan your eye. If it passes that you must enter your I.D. Still past that? It will than ask for you to put your hand on it to trace your hand prints. Still Past? Than it will ask you to spit in a jar. After the jar has spit in it, it will than scan the spit to see if its the same D.N.A. Still past? It will than put you into a machine that will scan your whole body. If you past that your in! But remember the PHD is always watching you. There is also a force field that can be activated in the Controls Room.  The HQ is impossible to be hacked in. The HQ is made out of Ghost-Mite.


They are opened to 5:00am to 10:00pm PST (Penguin Standard Time)

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