This is a list of products Boo Industries has made so far:

Current Products

  • Chip Chip Hurray: These chips are special chips made by Agent Boo. However, they are only for pookie haters. If a penguin who is not a pookie hater eats these they'll become a pookie. When a pookie eats these they'll explode.
  • Robot Missile: This is one of Agent Boo's inventions for the Pookie Hater Defense. When the missile is put into any type of rocket launcher, when shoot it will let out many robots with laser guns. It can also carry five robots.
  • Walking Land Mines: These land mines are special types of land mines made by Agent Boo. They can turn invisible so the victim can't see it. However if they step over it, it will still explode. They can also be controlled with a remote that can be used to walk towards the enemy.
  • Flame Thrower: A flame thrower that can shoot fire and lava, it can also detonate explosives.
  • Laser Rail Cannon (A.K.A. Prototype or LRC): This, like the Pulsar Cannon, is one of the most powerful weapons in Club Penguin history. This cannon is very powerful it needs protection. The cannon shoots out a purple laser which can go through walls. It is somewhat like a sniper but way stronger.
  • Scary Teddies: These are way more different from the Terror Teddies.
  • Pookie Torture Machine: A torturing machine that can skill any pookie with a variety of weapons.
  • Weirdo Potion: This special potion can make pookies become weird. When you throw it at a pookie, it becomes weird.
  • Mean Potion: This special potion can make pookies become mean. When you throw it at a pookie, it becomes mean.
  • Ugly Potion: This special potion can make pookies ugly, when thrown at a pookie, it will become ugly.
  • Spikey Blanket: A blanket that can skill a pookie at nightime whenever they are sleeping.
  • The Boo Mech: A series of powerful mechs made by Agent Boo.
  • E-Flame Thrower: An upgraded version of the normal Flame Thower, it uses E-Fire.
  • Moon-Panels: These special types of Solar-Panels are only for the night only and can collect electricity and power in the night. They will not work in the day.
  • Elite Cameras: Special types of powerful cameras that are used for security.
  • Electro Lightning Magnetic Pulse 3000: A weapon that can shoot out magnetic pulses in all directions.
  • Un-Weighter 3000: A gadget that can decrease weight of any type of object.
  • Pookie Hater Disguises 3000 Machine: This machine allows you to disguise yourself as a pookie,uppie,and more! You can take it off whenever you want to as well.
  • Anti-Magma Suits: Special types of suits that allow the user to withstand any type of heat.
  • The Surviver Kit: The gadget kit is filed with many gadgets you need. It also has many surviver kit tools. Here are some : Grappling Hook, Night-Vision Zoom in Goggles, and more!
  • Robo-Guards 3000: Security robots created by Agent Boo for the Pookie Hater Defense.
  • Pookie Hater Transformer 3000 Potion : The Pookie Hater Transformer 3000 makes pookies,mums,dads,brothers,sisters,preps,uppies,kitties, and all of them into pookie haters! When salt is added to the potion it ca make the pookies into normal penguins. When this potion splashes on living things that aren't pookies or any of them. They will have a super-sonic speed for 5 seconds.
  • Exploding Chewing Gum: A special type of gum that explodes when pookies chew it.
  • The Cloning Machine 3000 : The cloning maching 3000 is a machine that can clone anything without any fuel and no matter how old or young. It can clone it. It was first used on Ghost-Mite bars.
  • The Teddy Boom! : This teddy, is very helpful for skilling pookies. Here's how it works. When a pookie buys the pookie boom the parents will think its a ordinary teddy. When the pookie hugs the teddy bear, it goes boom! 
  • Pookie-Catchers: Robots that can capture pookies while sleeping.
  • The Birthday Boom: A trap that will bite a pookie if they grab it.
  • TOO-HOT Chocolate Bar : The TOO-HOT Chocolate Bar isn't a ordinary chocolate bar. When anything eats it, it will burn into flames when in the mouth and than explodes! It is extremely dangerous and has a warning sign thats says : DON'T GIVE TO PUFFLES OR CHICKS. It will always kill the person that ate it. Spitting it out will cause a fire burning down the igloo. Parents usally think the chocolate bar will just be a bit warm and will feel like hot cocoa when it melts. Pookie haters,Puffle Lovers, and normal penguins should beware of the chocolate bar.
  • Killer-Cow : Killer Cow Milk is pretty much just posion. When pookies drink it all it will do will kill it. One little drop and boom, dead! DO NOT give to Chicks and Puffles. Dipping the TOO-HOT Chocolate Bar in it and eating it will explode your whole body! 
  • Mirror of the Dommed : The Mirror of the Doommed isn't a ordinary mirror. This mirror has butterflies and dinosoars for the pookies, making them wanting to get it because it looks so cute. BUT! When the pookie looks inside the mirror, the pookie will be sucked in a trapped in the mirror. Like in a painting. The pookie can't escape at all and can't be herd. If you break the mirror that will instantly kill the pookie trapped in the mirror. This is very good for trapping,killing, or just using as trophies. If anything BESIDES a pookie looks into the mirror nothing will happen. You can only trap one pookie in one mirror.


  • Some of these products are used in the Pookie Hater Defense as weapons