Where Pookie Haters are gonna hate Pookies.
— Boo Industries Official Motto

Boo Industries
Boo Industries's current logo


December 22, 2014


Agent Boo, Agent Vortex


Agent Club


Boo Industries HQ

Partner Company(s)

Vortex Industries

Boo Industries is a company that was founded by Agent Boo.


After Vortex Industries was open, Agent Boo thought to himself he wanted to make a company to sell his deadly inventions to Club Penguin Island. The result was Boo Industries and Agent Boo was very proud about it.

Later Boo Industries and Vortex Industries were partnered which Agent Boo and Agent Vortex agreed on.


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Boo Industries has many products, most of them are for skilling pookies while some are used for the Pookie Hater Defense. These products are for pookies only and should not be for normal penguins, puffles, and chicks.

Video Games

Boo Industries is currently working with Omega X (Earth-5621)'s company to make a SHA video game.


These are the current novels being sold by Boo industries.


  • The owners of this company are Agent Boo and Agent Vortex.
  • Agent Club is also one of the co-owners for the company.
  • They have made many inventions.
  • Their logo is similar to Vortex Industries except it's red and black.
  • They have advanced security in the factory.
  • Their motto was based off the T-Shirt "Creepers Gonna Creep".