This is Agent Boo's Story. Of how he found CP in 2006. Boo Industries worked with Snowball Press with a help with the book.

The Story (The Bengging)

Agent Boo (Boo335) lived on a ice berg. A huge one. It was so huge that it was called a Island! But it was a very bad place. Earth Quakes could start the Ice Berg to tip and make penguins fall. One day he got a invitation to go to Club Penguin! He didn't know a way to go to Club Penguin. He asked everyone if they knew where Club Penguin was. No one knew. So Agent Boo decided to find it without help. He got in his boat and paddled. On his boat adventures he saw a polar bear on a ice berg playing cards by himself. He passed by the polar bear. Saying "Hi!". Agent Boo than saw a green island. With lots of PIRATE CRABS! The pirate crabs got on there boats and chased after him. Luckily a shark came up and hit all the boats destroying them. While he said goodbye to the island he than hit the Dock's of Club Penguin. His boat broke and got up. He had made it to Club Penguin! And his new life began.

The Story (The Middle)

He thought he was in CP. No he was in Penguin City! He could tell cause he found a sign that said "Welcome to Penguin City". He than took someones boat (Which belonged to Omega X but he didn't know) He saw a GPS and followed the route. The route was wrong because it will only show the true route to Omega! Agent Boo saw people in fur clothes and POLAR BEARS! He was definitely in trouble.

The Story (The End)

After he was stuck in the North Pole he saw a huge ship. It was empty. He drove the ship to CP. This time it gave him the right route. But before he landed. The boat was starting to sink for some reason! A fire started. Agent Boo didn't know what to do! He jumped down and the ship blew up with a boom. He swam to CP and read a sign that said "Welcome to Club Penguin" finally he had made it.


. This is the first book Boo Industries has ever made

. This is the first time Snowball Press helped with Boo Industries