Not To Be Confused with Bon Bread (food)                                                                                

"Our bread won't make your pookies intestines fall out"

                                                                        -The Official Bon Bread Motto

Bon Bread is the largest pastry company based in Penguin City. From the normal eye it may look like a ordinary pastry company, but from the eyes of a PHD or RPA Agent, it is the home to the Pookie Hater Defense Labs and Robber Penguin Agency Labs. They make various products that are designed to look like normal pieces of various Breads, cakes and other pastry products, but are deadly to a Pookie.


Bon Bread-The main and first product of the Bon Bread Company, its described as 'yummy' and 'delicious', its is actually a little bread monster disguised as a plain loaf of bread. The bread, once eaten, will come out of its disguise and eat the organs and intestines of the eater! To a normal person, it smells absolutely horrible, but to a Pookie and any pookie related penguins, it smells delicious!

Fookie Cake- A special type of cake that turns Pookies back to normal.


The founder is Agent Bon Chaos.

It was founded on the 18th of July, 2014.


  • Bon Bread In Disguise
  • Bon Bread In Its Original Form.
  • Bon Bread In A Jar

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