This is a list of Black-Out's weapons and tools which were created by Agent Vortex.

Current Weapons

  • Flame Thrower
  • Razor Sharp Sword
  • Extra Sharp Claws
  • Pulsar Cannon (Made by Vortex Industries).
  • Mines
  • Camera Shooter
  • Tranquilizer Dart
  • Lazer Sniper with Silencer (This is so nobody can hear the gun shot).
  • Vehicle Lock on Rockets (So he can shoot anything down).
  • Atom Bomb (He has this incase anything gets out of hand).
  • Tazer (Which also acts as an electricity shooter).
  • Laser Rail Cannon (Made by Boo Industries).

Current Tools

  • X-Ray Goggles
  • Night Vision Goggles
  • Rocket boots
  • Built In Hacking System
  • EMP (Stands for Electro Magnetic Pulse to temporarily disable any electronics around him).
  • Mirco Bots with Camera (This is for in case he needs to look in a tiny area).
  • Extra Strong Future Armor (From Protobot and Destructo Bot).
  • Tazer (Which also acts as an electricity shooter).
  • Unlimited Supply of Power (He can also use the air and then convert it into electricity to power himself).
  • Range Finder and Trace Tracker (He can type in the name of the person and you can find him/her).
  • Rocket Launcher
  • History Finder (He can find things that happened in the past).
  • Hologram Placer (He can put down a hologram of someone or something).
  • Camouflager (This is for he can camouflage as anyone or anything).
  • Glow Suit (His suit can glow really bright at night or anyplace dark although he can turn that off if needed).
  • Magnet (This magnet is so strong it can attract the metal in our body to make them closer to him.
  • Built in Binoculars (can see up to 100000000000000 miles).
  • Built in Micro Scope (magnifies up to 100000 times!).
  • Razor Sharp Drill (This can cut through almost anything).
  • Key Former (His hand can turn into the key the door needs by just scanning the key whole and his whole hand will morph in the key).
  • Invisibility (Allows Black out to turn invisable)


  • It took at least Agent Vortex two months to make all the weapons and tools for Black-Out.