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Black-Out, a PHD robot.

Full Name



Agent Vortex

Friends from the PHD

Agent Vortex, Agent Boo, Agent Club




Has a Pulsar Cannon

Agencies Working For

Pookie Hater Defense


Agent Omega X, PPP Agents



First Appearance

Operation H.O.L.I.D.A.Y

Black-Out is a robot created by Agent Vortex. He is one of the robots for the Pookie Hater Defense.


A couple days later from defeating Ultimate Protobot from the Future Party, Agent Vortex decided to make a robot but he needed the parts to make him so he used his time travel machine and went back and took Ultimate Proto-Bot's head which contained all his wiring and memory to make his robot into a fierce and trained warrior.

He also took Destructo-Bots body to give his new robot weapons and and armor and started building black out which took a long time because one of his prototypes attacked him which destroyed all his tools so he needed to get new ones.

Weapons and Tools

Main Article: Weapons and Tools


He has a very powerful force field which is almost impossible to break and if that fails he has super stronger future armor from Ultimate Proto-Bot and Destructo Bot which is really hard to break and he also is weapon proof and he cannot be disabled by anyone. He also knows tae-kwon-do trained and much more.

The only way to deactivate Black-Out is unknown only Agent Vortex knows how to. Even if you do deactivate him he will have a system restart and be up and running in 2 minutes.

He is almost impossible to go haywire it is more rare than seeing the Club Penguin Island blowing up. He also cannot be hacked if you try to hack him his machine gun will come out at you and shoot you until you are almost nothing.


  • He is the first robot Agent Vortex has created.
  • He can power any machine in the universe.
  • He took two months to create Black-Out.
  • He is good friends with Robot Boo 3.