Biggy Wista

This is what a biggy wista might look like!

Biggy Wistas are big sisters of pookies usually they are a teenager in high school, college, and rarely middle school.

What They Usually Do

They usually go to the new "university" for college, but sometimes they act like preps, most preps are biggys but they are usually preps. They also go to "cheer" everyday and they are big fans of the blue team because they always wear blue cheerleader uniforms but rarely some are red. Biggy Wistas usually call their family a "fam fam" (that's how pookies call their family too). They used to use caps but since caps no longer goes through the chat filters, they can't anymore.

Some biggy wistas are pookie haters in disguise, and try to skill pookies during the process. Some can even take care of pookies like a mumu.

Biggy wistas can be evil, and attack pookies when a mumu picks them.

What They Usually Wear

Head Items: Sidetied, Sidetied Too, Sidetied Strikes Back, The Glamourous, or the Flutterby.

Face Items: Diva Sunglasses, White Diva Sunglasses, Diva Eyes, Wide Awake Eyes.

Body Items: Blue Cheerleader Outfit, Red Cheerleader Outfit, Yellow Jersey, Letterman Jacket, or the Pink Shirt.

Neck Items: Pear Necklace, Boas, or nothing.

Hand Items: Purse, MP3 Players, Pom Poms, or bracelets.

Feet Items: Any Shoes, Sneakers, Stardust Slippers, or nothing.


  • They text a lot.
  • They go to cheer everyday. Some go to the Stadium where they do their cheerleading.
  • Some work for the Pookie Hater Defense.
  • It is really rare, but some may have contests for pookies.