The Anti Pookie clones were manufactured by Agent Extreme. They are a very huge threat to pookies because they are made out of the old corpses of the pookies Agent Extreme brutally killed. They come with the right machines and blueprints on how to make them, many Pookie haters have loved his idea and they make clones for themselves. They make great slaves and they will only kill pookies because they have a special sense only for pookie Blood and they can smell it from 10 milees away. The Anti pookie clones are programmed to go back and kill all their fam fam, friends, wistas, broders, uppies, kitties, mumus, preps biggy wistas, biggy broders, and dudu's. Once this is done they go into a rage in the Petshop killing all the pookies who are currenly in the petshop.


  • Agent Extreme is a genius and master at fighting, but he's not the only one who makes these really cool creatures, he's also sent blue prints round to every hater in the Pookie Hater Defense and every hater he knows. And even sometimes other haters from all around CP meet him to get the blueprints.
  • They are EXTREMELY dangerous to pookies. If you don't want it to go into a mad rage and make the floor filled with bllod then it's a good idea to keep it in a special room and the pookies you've captured you should throw them into the room. Wait 3 seconds, the room is now filled with blood, but the pookies are now dead and it wasn't even that much effort.
  • WARNING:The Anti Pookie clones cannot be revived or cured to their former pookie state when they were alive as pookies.

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