The Alpha Age is the first age where Club Penguin is in it's Alpha stage of testing. It is ruled by Agent Alpha X and is the oldest age of all of the Club Penguin timeline ages.


The Alpha Age is featured in Operation T.I.M.E where Agent Boo's Time Machine malfunctioned and exploded sending Agent Club, Agent Boo, Agent Era, and Agent Boo's robots through time sending them way back to the Alpha Stage of Club Penguin.

They are greeted by Agent Alpha X who tells them if they want to go back to 2008, they'll need the following items in order to fix Agent Boo's Time Machine. They get the items and Agent Alpha X fixes the time machine, only to find out that they ended up in the Beta Age of Club Penguin.


  • Agent Omega X is the ruler of the Omega Age which is the last age of all of the Club Penguin ages.

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