Agent Yoshi

Agent Yoshi joined on the 15/11/15. He is ranked Agent. His challenge to get 100 pookie skills.

How the Protest began/Backstory

Agent Yoshi was very annoyed about pookies. He felt anger because of them. They were so annoying. They pretended to have bad infections when HE himself had an infection. He was furious and wanted them gone for good. He was walking down to the gun shop to get a Sniper. His murdering spree began then. He sneaked into a good hiding place and shot a pookie in the leg. It quickly fell to the floor as its blood went everywhere. He thought. Maybe theres more pookie haters like me. Maybe I should find. But that's for later decisions. He followed 6 pookies to there mumus house. He grabbed his sniper and loaded it. He scoped the first pookie and shot it in the head. Then the second one got shot. And then the same happened to the next 5. After 2 months he went back to the pet shop and loaded his gun. He headshotted an pookie in the head. Then shot the other pookie in the arm. Then he finally made his decision. And wanted to join a Pookie Hater agency. He typed in Pookie Hater Agencies And found one. Called the Pookie Protest Wiki. He joined and his name is Agent Yoshi.

Fun Facts!

1. Agent Yoshi is Yoshi's first fan according to his name.

2. His favorite ice cream flavor is Vanilla.

3. In real life Agent Yoshi is a Black belt in Karate.

4. He currently has no friends. But hopes to find some.

5. His favourite thing in Mario is Yoshi.

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