Agent Vortex's Spaceship HQ
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November 12, 2014


Club Penguin Island, Outer Space

Protected By

Agent Vortex Agent Boo, PHD Agents

Controlled By

Agent Vortex, Pookie Hater Defense

Agent Vortex's Spaceship HQ is an HQ controlled by Agent Vortex.

It is made of Adamantium Vibranium and it's energy levels are very high for unlimited traveling.


  • It can go to anyplace in the world.
  • It can reach speeds up to 100000000000000 mph.
  • It can destroy almost half of CP with only one aerial attack.

How to Find it

In order to get access of Agent Vortex's Spaceship HQ, you must be Agent Vortex's friend on CP or you can find it on a hidden and abandoned island near the Club penguin shoreline.

When you arrive there will be hidden scanners and turrets along the way making it almost impossible to get to. If you get there the ship will be cloaked and will need a password to get into, you will notice that it will be the tick-tack-toe password making it tricky.

If you get the password wrong more than 3 times several cannons and turrets will fire at you causing death instantly. If the scanners see that you are his friend or someone he Trust it will automatically let you in.


When you get inside all his weapons, armor and files will be there. The contents of his HQ are the Living Quarters which has all the food and drinks that you need for your next trip. It also has a jail cell which has a fire guarder in front of it incase the prisoner tries to escape.

The ship has a broadcast room where a giant flat screen TV is kept so he can see what important things are and where the agents have their meetings. Next to it is his weapons room where all his weapons and armor is kept for his next battle and also his giant pulsar guns where are right outside the Weapons and armor room and also right outside the living Quarters room.The cannons can also can shoot down whatever it's targeting in one shot . 

There will be turrets and cameras there incase you try to steal anything. So be very careful on what you do in there.


  • This is one of Agent Vortex's spaceships and sometimes used for PHD missions.