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Agent Vortex
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Agent Vortex, a PHD agent, and a PSA Resistance agent.

Full Name


Friends from the PHD

Agent Club, Agent Bongi6, Agent Boo, Agent Extreme


Stevenlego, Agent Vortex,Steven.



Agencies Working For

Extra Planetary Federation, Pookie Hater Defense, Penguin Secret Agency Resistance,Super Hero Agency


Agent Batman,Agent Omega X-Rival Agency

When He joined PHD?

October 14,2014

"Pookie Screams are music to my ears"

-Agent Vortex

Agent Vortex (A.K.A. Stevenlego, or Agent V) is a PHD Elite Agent, PSA resistance agent And Super hero agency Third In Command. He is best known for making several inventions such as his pulsar cannon and his killer toys.


Agent Vortex joined Club Penguin sometime in 2007 but after a few years, these little yellow creatures started popping up all around Club Penguin. He decided to see how it would be like to be one of these mysterious creatures but then found out that he was always rejected by many "wistas" and "bwoders" or evil "mumus" from then he always started to skill pookies even before he was in Pookie Hater Defense. He has skilled thousands of "fam fams" and pookies and have collects the blood of his victims to this very day.

Greatest War Yet

The pookie he had in his jail cell knocked over his fire guarders and burned the carpet which led to his cannons making a chain reaction and blew up his ship and most of his weapons which the only thing left was a small dagger and had to skill the pookie brutally. He was arrested by CPPD for causing a forest fire and disturbance to all cp. He escaped by blowing up his prison cell with a makeshift bomb and erased their mind with his scanner. Some police officers got away and is still searching for him. His spaceship HQ was in great repair due to the pookies doings.

Destruction of the CPPD

One day agent Vortex walked into his HQ and found Two CPPD spies On his computer trying to Hack into the System of Black out For some reason And then Skilled (killed) them with his Shoulder mounted turret and burned them.Then he thought that the CPPD knows About his HQ and they would try to get Into his HQ again So The next day He flew over the CPPD And blew it up with his aerial strike cannons and flew away leaving no trace and A burning Building.

Why He Hates Pookies

Stevenlego always hated pookies from the beginning, Ever since they were created.Pookies got treated like Kings and Queens which annoys him. They also always act like their in charge and act like your the weaker person and they always get what they want and tease you. He thinks that pookies are replacing puffles and the pet shop is for pets not pest.

Vortex Industries

Agent Vortex needed a way to publish is inventions to all of Club Penguin Island, he wanted to create a company that would allow him to sell his items. The result was Vortex Industries to sell his deadly toys and inventions to pookies to kill them off one by one.

Agent Vortex's Uniforms


  • Agent Vortex is one of the rarest PHD agents.
  • He was the thirty second agent to join Pookie Hater Defense.
  • He built black-out himself.
  • He founded a company called Vortex Industries which he sells his inventions to pookies which skills them.
  • He is the leader of the Chaoz Fantasy branch.