Agent Ultra's Airforce
Agt Ultra AF




Agent Ultra


Club Penguin Island

Protected by


How the idea of the Airforce was made

Agent Ultra thought about making a airforce so there would be more people hunting down enemies in the sky so he built this airforce.

Abilities for all fighter jets

  • Can summon forcefields
  • Can launch any bomb
  • Has infinite amount of fuel
  • Even though gets hit by any bomb or bullet it won't be damaged
  • Has no weakness
  • Can hack any system even though they are hack proof
  • Can transform into anything
  • Has a vision to see any illusion and transformations
  • Can split into three parts and can be driven
  • Can pierce anything and everyone in just one or two hits
  • Can break any forcefield
  • Can absorb heat and coldness from anything to gain more power
  • Can shoot out any bullet and weapon

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