Agent super Brady has many cool powers. In rp fights against enemies they always misunderstand his powers. So he made this page to make it clear.

his powers

Due to being Kryptonian

  • Flight (with super charge of sun Rays to his cells, flight is one of the cool powers unlocked to agent super Brady, he's mostly flying all the time, but his kryptonian powers don't work at night time or away from the sun if he hasn't been charged at all.
  • Invulnerability and durability (he has shown to be very invulnerable to most things with his kryptonian powers, he is unaffected by swords, guns, and more, but can be hurt with powerful energy cannons or pulsar).
  • Super speed (he can run very fast as well as fly very fast using his speed, but he's notably more faster flying).
  • Super strength (his super strength is at 90 ton range, but if he takes a sun dip which means to fly to the sun and actually stay in the sun for a bit his strength increases due to how long hes been in the sun).
  • heat vision (his heat vision can burn/melt threw most things such as tough metal alloys, his heat vision's heat can be varied to go up and down if he's been near the sun or away from the sun)
  • freeze breathe (he is able to freeze things with his super cold breathe by simply blowing and freeze them to ice which can be much tougher than metal but it uses his energy if he goes super tough ice breathe).


Agent Super Brady's abilities are some of these...

  • expert combatant and tactican (he's been training himself with notable figures such as Sensei and more).
  • expert agility artist (he has trained to be extremely agile and puts it into use when he's fighting an opponent and/or if his powers have been drained, as happend before in past with fights like even other PhD agents like agent smp and agent flunce1).

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