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This article is about someone who is meetable in Club Penguin.

Agent Smp
PHD gear
Agent Smp in his PHD gear.

Full Name


Friends from the PHD

Agent Club, Agent Extreme, Agent Shadow, Agent Vortex, PHD Agents

Agencies Working For

Pookie Hater Defense, Super Hero Agency,


Bradyd5, Dark Light 9, Yodamaster1n, Larry59187, Jonny017, Agent Blue (EPF)




Smpcp9876, Smpcp, Smp

"Smp's my name, pookie hating is my game!"

-Agent Smp

Agent Smp (pronounced "sump" or "soomp") or Smpcp9876 on CP, is a pookie abuser and pookie killer. He is a commander-ranked agent in the PHD and is also the founder of Smp Industries. He kills pookies with his really good skills and experience. He is a pookie killer/abuser type hater like Agent Extreme.

Why He Hates Pookies

Agent Smp used to like and take care of pookies.

Then he saw somebody about to stab some pookies but then he attacked them and then killed the person. However instead of being thanked, the pookies just said to go away." But Agent Smp tried to say that he saved them but the pookies said they don't care. Then in a fit of rage,  Agent Smp grabbed his sword and then was about to hit them the pookies screamed and some of them ran out.

Then one of the pookies said they were sorry but he just ignored them and killed them all.

With his Friends

During an evening of hard work Agent Smp was with his friends Agent Blast (Penguinp7677) and Agent Nightmare (Flunce1) in the lighthouse.

Suddenly some pookies came in and started bullying his black puffle called Shadow.

Agent Smp got angry and shouted at them and then kicked them hard. They started crying and then their mumu came in. She was protecting her pookies which was when Agent Blast got out his rifle and shot the mumu and when Agent Nightmare kicked the pookies off the lighthouse. The pookies drowned and the mumu was injured. The following morning a pookie sent a pookie army to go and attack them. Agent Smp was on patrol that day, he saw them coming and unleashed a Squad to stop them from reaching.

When the Squad got onto the battlefield the pookies shot at them with water pistols. The whole of the Squad laughed. They simply yawned and got their machine guns and snipers out and started shooting. Within no time the pookie army was destroyed.


  • Agent Nightmare
  • Agent Extreme
  • Agent Blast
  • Agent Era
  • Agent Boo
  • Agent Club
  • Agent Shadow (Luigi115)
  • Agent Vortex
  • Anyone else in the PHD
  • Anyone in the SHA


  • He is a Superhero in the SHA.
  • Agent Smp has made a company called "Smp Industries" which makes products for skilling pookies.
  • He is in the PHD Airforce.
  • Smp has killed over 50 pookies and 20 families in total.
  • He has more than 300 friends.
  • Smp made his account in 2010.
  • He usually goes on the server blizzard (if it isn't full) because thats the main server of pookies and then finds pookies and slaughters them.
  • He created the S.M.P.C.P which stands for the Super Monstrous Pookie Chemical Potion.
  • Smp usually creates large armies and protests in the petshop.
  • Smp is a ninja, a fire ninja, a water ninja and a snow ninja.
  • He has a negative counterpart called Agent Pms who works for the DHP (Defensive Heroes of Pookies)

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