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This article is about someone who is meetable in Club Penguin.
Agent Slash (Kidzrule)
Kidzrule in one of his outfits

Full Name


Friends from the PHD

Agent B,Agent Club,Agent Penrock,Agent Dart,Agent Unknown,Agent Bon Chaos,Agent Extreme

Known As

Kidzrule, Agent Slash

Agencies Working For

Elite Penguin Force, Pookie Hater Defense,Extra Planetary Federation,Puffle Protection Program,Robber Penguin Agency


Agent Omega X (Rival Agency) Agent Joystick (Rival Agency) Agent R (Rival Agency) Agent Pink (Rival Agency), All Pookies (Except ones working for the PHD),Agent Peppa

The first thought I get when I walk into the Pet Shop nowadays is:what the hell am I looking at? And every time I answer myself:you my friend are looking at the downfall of Club Penguin - Agent Slash

Agent Slash (real name Kidzrule) is a huge pookie hater. He started and joined some groups who were shouting no more pookies and loves parties. He sometimes goes to themed parties to be the bad guy and kill the pookies. But at normal parties he just captures them and makes them cry. He likes puffles and his favorites are the brown and black. He used to be a pookie neutral but then it changed he hated them so much he barely goes to the plaza and just teleports. He is an agent of the PHD and likes every agent on this wiki since they hate pookies. He also made another plan to stop pookies which could become a mission (see kidzrules message wall)He also sometimes goes to random igloos and if theres pookies he maked them cry. He is a member and a member of the club penguin anti pookie army.

How He Joined Club Penguin

On his first account he logged in on the medieval party in 2012 or 2013.He played for a long time got banned a few times but not forever.Then when it was the christmas party he saved up all his coins.But the next day he was banned for no reason he thought someone hacked him.He made a new account but he had nothing he had before so he stopped playing.Then the next two or three years in 2014 everyone was playing it.So one of his friends told him the password to his account and he plays Club Penguin again.Then after a couple of months he became a member.But at that time he was still neutral with pookies.

Why Does He Hate Pookies

On his new account when he already knew what pookies were he went to the pet shop.And saw some little girl with the funster and the safe jacket from that be safe test.She was saying that she was an orphan (at least shes honest) he adopted her and she said said yay in pookie talk.She went to his iggy she didnt have any wistas or mummus or uppies or kitties or broders.But one day when he logged on it said she was online and at the EPF.He went there and saw she was talking to someone but not in pookie talk when he told her to go to his iggy she just ran somewhere.He followed her a lot of times (almost through the whole island)and she just kept giggling that made him really mad so he deleted her from his friends list and started hating pookies.

Investigation On Pookie Hater Websites

Agent Slash searched for alot of pookie hater websites then he found a bunch but during that time he didnt see any pookie loving websites.Once when he went on Club Penguin he saw someone in a monster squid costume saying "Pookie Deleting Plan At My Iggy"or something there was no one there but im pretty sure someone came later maybe.So with all that he realized there are lots of pookie haters who make plans to get rid of them but the pookie lovers dont do anything(except making the PPP wiki and the Pookie wiki)so with that he thought that pookie haters are making plans for getting rid of them.But the other thing is that the moderators and workers of Club Penguin dont know about them.So he then thought that we need to send some agents from The Pookie Protest wiki to tell them about pookies in a way that will make them not like them.He also saw there was a group called the MMA(Mwa Mwa Residence or Renaissance)who are a group who try to get rid of pookies.But then he thought maybe all those groups could be doing there stuff while being agents on the Pookie Protest wiki and help us.


An IQ is an acronym for "Intelligence Quotient" which tests how smart a person is here is the "Stanford Binet" IQ scale:

Below 20 - Idiot

20 - 49 - Imbecile

50 - 69 - Moron

70 - 79 - Borderline Deficiency

80 - 89 - Dull

90 - 109 - Average

110 - 119 - Superior

120 - 139 - Very superior

Over 140 - Genius

Slashs IQ is 148 making him a genius (this is true)


  • He hates pookies so much
  • He's friends with everyone on this wiki since they hate pookies(except the PPP spys)
  • He hates pookie lovers so much and every time he sees one he just goes somewhere else
  • He hates the PPP
  • He hates seeing mumus too because theyre so obssesed with pookeis
  • He hates biggys preps since theyre just a young stupid mumu
  • His favorite wiki is probably the Pookie Protest wiki