This article is about the user Luigi115, if you were looking for the enemy, see Agent Mastermind.

Agent Shadow is Agent Smp's younger brother. He is a powerful robber.

Why he hates pookies

Agent Shadow hates pookies because they bullied his brother's puffle and when he was a kid the pookies were mean to him and discriminated them. He vowed to hate these creatures forever.

Allies and enemies

Agent Shadow's allies are: Agent Smp, Agent Nightmare, Agent Extreme, Nickel500, Nickel500's crew, his black puffle called flare and all pookie haters and pookie killers.

His enemies are: Agent Batman, Bradyd5, Pookies, Pookie lovers, Mumus, Duh Duhs and Preps.


  • He has the same powers as Agent Smp.
  • He has over 300 friends.
  • He has the snow bot on his friends list.
  • He has 12 puffles.
  • He is a ninja, a fire ninja, a snow ninja and 3//4 of the way to becoming a water ninja.
  • Agent Smp and Agent Shadow look exactly the same.

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