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This article is about someone who is an enemy to the Pookie Hater Defense.

Agent Oob is the negative version of Agent Boo and also a Defensive Heroes of Pookies (DHP) agent. He is enemies with Onega X which leads the Pookie Pounding Program.


Agent Oob was featured in Operation Infiltration II, along with other Negative Counterparts. He along with the rest of the Negative Counterparts were accidently transported to the Positive Dimension by Agent Boo's Time Machine. Agent Oob tells Robot Oob to scan the place immediately and they find out they are in the Positive Dimension. They then go searching for Onega X in Agent Oob's Jet and eventually run into their Positive Counterparts.

Agent Bulc traps the Positive Counterparts into a cage, Agent Jonie shows a packet of Chip Chip Hurray and they all eat the snack. They tell the Negative Counterparts that they are eating Chip Chip Hurray which Agent Boo made it himself, but only pookie haters can eat them. Agent Vortex mocks him and they all laugh at the Negative Counterparts, however, Agent Oob get's angry and calls in Robot Oob -3 to attack them. Agent Xetrov also calls in Tuo-Kcalb to help him out and the robots start attack the PHD agents.

Sometime later in the mission, they team up with Agent Batman and find their Negative Counterparts. The Positive Counterparts see a ship in the sky which turns out to be The Nightmare which attacks the DHP agents. Agent Oob's get so angry that he calls in Robot Oob -3 and Nortluv to attack the Positive Counterparts and Agent Namtab. Agent Boo call in Robot Boo 3 and Vultron to attack them as well. Agent Vortex also gets Black-Out while Agent Xetrov gets Tuo-Kcalb and all of the robots attack eachother causing massive destruction.

After the destruction, Agent Oob and Agent Xetrov tell Robot Oob -3, Nortluv, and Tuo-Kcalb to scan Omega X (Earth-616), but they'll have to take forever while Agent Boo tells Robot Boo 3 to scan Omega (Earth-616) which scans perfectly fine.

Suddenly an earthquake starts to rumble and everyone sees that the Omega Tower is slowly tipping over. Agent Oob and Agent Xetrov try to tell their robots to escape. He and all of the negative couterparts return back to the Negative Dimension when the Omega Tower was about to be destroyed.


  • His codename is "Boo" spelled backwards.
  • Agent Oob's robots have a strong rivalry with Agent Boo's robots.