Agent Nightwing is a Vamp and is an expert at martial arts. If he has to choose any weapon, it would be nunchucks.

History Before "Bite"

Nightwing had joined the PPP. He took the name of Dashfrost. One day, he noticed Unknown had quit. He wondered why. He reasearched pookies. Soon he heard about what happened to Coco. He shortly after quit the PPP. Little did he know what would happen next.

History After "Bite"

One day, while observing a puffle outdoors, he was bit by some mysterious creature. When he checked on a doctor (Who thankfully had a NO TUMMY POOKIE policy), He turned out to have vamprodus, (Incase your wondering, that means you turns into a vamp at night, and become a bat too). One day, He went out to adopt Beat, and realized his mistake. It was the evening. He tried to explain to some pookies, but it was all divas. Then they freaked out. WOO MEANIE! GET AWAY YOU FREAKSHOW! He let it out on a prep. No one cared. He then  flew off into the sky, and never wanted to see a pookie or a prep ever again. The End. Oh and,  he bit beat.Beat is fine though. In fact, he can become a brown bat and he flies with Nightwing. Soon after, he joined the PHD


  • His prefered weapon is nunchucks.
  • He is a master in martial arts
  • His back up weapon is a sai.
  • He is trained in Nunchucks,Sais,Bos and Tonfas
  • He is sometimes quite sarcastic.
  • He loves diguises.
  • He sometimes calls pookies cows, due to no being mo in pookie language. MOOOOOOOOOOOOOO


  • Do you think; I CARE?!?!?!?!?
  • Melds and divas dont have much difference.
  • When someone says AWWWWH to a pookie, say EWWWWWWW

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