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This article is about someone who is meetable in Club Penguin.
Agent Nightmare
Agent Nightmare
Agent Nightmare, a PHD agent and Nickel500 robber army SIC.

Agencies working in

Nickel500 Robber Army, Pookie Hater Defense, S.H.I.E.L.D. (Highest ranked Commander), Elite Penguin Force


Pookies, Preps, Bradyd5, All Agents in Bradyd5's robber army


Scientist, pilot, Navigator, master at combats, enhanced fighting skills etc.

Agent Nightmare (A.K.A. Flunce1) is a PHD agent and is in Agent Nickel's robber army. He and Agent Smp always attack Agent Batman and Brady5 whenever they meet them.

Agent Nightmare is also a pookie hater and a skiller and a powerful robber in Club Penguin, he is an enemy to the Elite Penguin Force. He is one of the few highest rank S.H.I.E.L.D. Commanders, he has unlocked Director Fury's trust and is a few ranks lower than director itself (in S.H.I.E.L.D.)

Why he hates Pookies

On a peaceful day in Abominable. Agent Smp and Agent Nightmare were fixing there invention on top of the lighthouse. They were invaded by pookies; They started to laugh and beat up Agent Smp's puffle which made Agent Smp angry. Agent Nightmare kicked them off the edge of the lighthouse into the ocean and the pookies started to drown.

Their mumu came and started to call the CPPD but Agent Nightmare attacked her with his laser. After the incident they attacked the pookies out of the petshop.


  • Agent Nightmare and Agent Batman were friends until Agent Batman betrayed Agent Smp and joined Brady5.
  • Although he is a robber, he is also an EPF Agent.