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This article is about someone who is meetable in Club Penguin.

Agent Nickel (A.K.A. Nickel500) is a robber in Club Penguin and the leader of his robbery army. He is an enemy to the Elite Penguin Force and has had a tragic past. He is also a pookie hater and a skiller, he tries to


eliminate pookies once and for all.

He was one of the famous robbers in Club Penguin and all of robbing.


Agent Nickel had a crew that used to be partnered with Pookie Hater Defense. Most of his crew are pookie haters but some of them are robbers but pookie lovers. The Elite Penguin Force will take anything to stop his crew from robbing, however, his main enemy is Brady5 and tries to stop him whatever it takes.

His crew also steals some equipment from the EPF for their inventions.

More relevant times

Nickel has survived many many things. Although he has sadly died his legacy still lives on, in his son and his army. They want to come back one day to rule the world. He has some accounts on penguin oasis: Nickel500cpps, Godzilla01, Nickel The Curry and Megatron01 just to name a few. 

Armies under his command

It is well known that Nickel was the leader of his grand army, the Nickel Curry army. They are mostly clones of Nickel but they are much stronger than the original Nickel and smarter too. The most elite warriors of his army are called The Curryzilla legions which are the most skilled and specially picked out to join this division. They were merciless on there enemies, always killing pookies on sight.

Destruction of the army

Nickel had made many friends, as well as enemies. One of his enemies is The Death on penguin oasis who is a powerful entity. Originally Nickel wanted to be his friend to manipulate Death to do his bidding, however The Death didn't fall for Nickel and instead became his enemy. The Death used his powers and destroyed the curry army very ruthlessly with one swipe, showing no mercy at all. 


Nickel made a friend on penguin oasis called 'Starry Moonlight', he wanted her to do things for her but she eventually turned on him and killed him. Nickel was given some chances but he failed them sadly and could not turn back into a living being.

Argument with The Death

After Death destroyed Nickel's army, Nickel (the main leader original) became enfuriated. He tried to fight Death as a ghost but there was no point. Nickel was ruthlessly captured and taken to the depths of HELL. The original Nickel leader is now a ghost and is currently screaming in pain in hell as you read this. He is in great pain and wished he cold have lived a better life.

Brutal injuries

Nickel was reported to have been seen in the petshop where he was confronted by the ‘’Anti CurryNickelbot’’ and after a heated confrontation the bot started to beat the hell out of Nickel without many remorse. The robot revealed to Nickel that demons had captured many of his surviving clones which means Nickel needs more reinforcement now. After getting beaten up, Nickel now needs to recover from his injuries and heal which will happen in time. He has now been almost terminated to a point where he is now much weaker than he originally was. He needs to just recover now.

Enemies and allies

Nickel has made many enemies and allies over the years on CP as well as CPPSes

  • Enemies:
  • The Death (penguin oasis, he is Nickel's NUMBER 1 enemy)
  • TheBerserker a.k.a Agent Berserk (he is friends with Death and became enemies with Nickel through wikis).
  • Bradyd5 (aka Agent Super Brady, however this is uncertain yet)
  • Agent Boo
  • The Elite Penguin Force
  • Allies
  • Unidentified scientist (penguin oasis, he is the leading individual of the Nickel curry cloning program, he allows clones to be produced with Nickel's DNA imprint, his name cannot be disclosed here for classified reasons but apparently that is just him again).
  • The Nickel Grand army (his army of clones in his imagination).
  • Charltonroks (penguin oasis, one of Nickel's old robbers from CP but Nickel met him again in penguin oasis, accorded to an interview, Charltonrocks was not even Nickel's friend, being a pookie, hate nickel).
  • Basically no one.


  • He has a backup account called "Nickel600" which he uses after his main account has been banned.
  • He is a fan of robbing.
  • He loves curry.
  • Nickel's elite divison, The Curryzilla legions are the most superior of all his troops. Similar to how 501st are the most superior legions of the clone troopers in Star Wars.
  • He has a friend called Yummy Curry, which is himself. Every account with the "Curry" word is himself.