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This article is about someone who is meetable in Club Penguin.

Agent Nickel (A.K.A. Nickel500) is a robber in Club Penguin and the leader of his robbery army. He is an enemy to the Elite Penguin Force and has had a tragic past. He is also a pookie hater and a skiller, he tries to


eliminate pookies once and for all.

He is one of the famous robbers in Club Penguin and all of robbing.


Agent Nickel has a crew that is partnered with Pookie Hater Defense. Most of his crew are pookie haters but some of them are robbers but pookie lovers. The Elite Penguin Force will take anything to stop his crew from robbing, however, his main enemy is Brady5 and tries to stop him whatever it takes.

His crew also steals some equipment from the EPF for their inventions.


  • He has a backup account called "Nickel600" which he uses after his main account has been banned.
  • He is a fan of robbing.

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