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This article is about someone who is an enemy to the Pookie Hater Defense.

Agent Mastermind.

Agent Mastermind (A.K.A. Njw888) is an ex-friend of Agent Unknown and is an agent of the PPP. He used to attempt to close this wiki, and made both his first wikia edit in general and on mainspace on this wiki. He is known to like pizza. He is confused for Unknown often.


  • He was formerly a friend of Agent Unknown, however due to Unknown joining Pookie Hater Defense he is now an enemy of him.
  • He and Unknown had an arguement which at some point; blackmailed Unknown which made him blocked for two weeks.
  • He is a fish.
  • He randomly becomes Unknown's enemy at times, usually due to his freind LiolenK and Omega X, or the MLP (My Little Pony) protest wiki that he told Unknown not to let Club create at all whatsoever, yet it was made. However, Unknown and Club actually decided they wanted it closed too, and the wiki no longer exists.
  • He cloned the Dimension P 9000 and modified it. The result was the "Hyper Universe X 9,000,000". It is known that he created -CP, -Sonic universe (it is unknown why he created this), and -MLP universe (He tried to stop Club thinking MLP was his weakness, so he brought the characters from the MLP universe to CP, but he decided to create -MLP universe for safety measures).
  • He can use telekinesis, but only if he can channel enough power to do it. This can be done by using objects of extreme power on him. It can also be done by killing LiolenK, Omega X, and every pookie and pookie lover, and all PPP agents, but he will go insane and destroy everything if you do this. In other words, DO NOT DO THIS. (Should he become sane before destroying everything, he would likely try to go back in time and kill whoever made him do this)
  • He's trying to find out how Agent Bon Chaos is going to make Unpookies without the rare technology that turned out to be a bomb.
  • He saved the universe by destroying a bomb that was going to blow it up. He says "Do something like THAT, and I'll consider you being the good side here. Until that, I'm still fighting you" to PHD agents who say the PHD is the good side.
  • He's against Agent Alex more than he is the rest of the PHD. He's tried to counter Alex multiple times in conversations, but if Alex doesn't win, he completely ignores all the good points Mastermind makes. In fact, Mastermind was almost able to get Alex to stop abusing for good and almost made him cancel the No More Pookies series, but even then, Alex ignored him.
  • He is hated by a lot of people all over wikia. And many PHD agents such as Extreme, Unkown, and Bongi6 and the EPF agent User the contributor.
  • He has made new enemies such as Agent Extreme.
  • He is Insane.
  • He was a Bronie at one point. It is unknown if he still is a Bronie.
  • A user named "Mastermind 5.0", was an impostor Agent Mastermind. At first, it was very still unclear what his exact motivation was, or if he was actually Agent Mastermind until he revealed to trying to be Mastermind. Pathetic faker. The faker will never be accepted as an Agent.
    • Accorded to Agent Extreme, the impostor is literally a "downright loser".
    • The fake Mastermind was really trying hard to mimic the real Mastermind.
    • Mastermind would never side with the PHD. ("and he would NEVER come back for the reason given here, especially siding with US." -Extreme.)
    • It would be impossible for Mastermind to comeback on the PHD as he would be much older. ("Also why you’re sketchy, by now Mastermind would be in his 20s." -Extreme.)
    • The title of his message is very similar on how Superpuking used to create to spam in message walls on others.