Basic layout of agent jetpacks tree fort Deep in the forest of cp agent jet pack has a tree fort that he works sleeps and lives in.In this base Agent jet pack keeps his files and work, and some training equipment. He also has a pet fish named Fred.


when you clime up the ladder their is secruity lasers and a security camera. Walking into the main room you'll find his table where he receives orders on his hologram TV,and down a hallway is a room with a hologram computer screen If you enter in the right code for his computer you'll see all his files and plans.Back to the main room you will find 2 ladders the one one the left leads to his launch pad. The right ladder leads to a dark room with a lamp and chair, this is where he interrogates pookies.


How To find It

(WARNING top secret,PHD agents eyes only!!!)

To find the tree fort you'll need to go deep in the forest of cp next to the university, if you are lucky you'll find a HUGE tree trunk with a small panel on it.Enter the right security number and it will open up to reveal a rope ladder climb it, watch out for security lasers and you'll be in side the tree fort hideout!

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