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This article is about someone who is meetable in Club Penguin.

Agent Jetpack

Full Name


Friends from the PHD

Agent Club, Agent Bon Chaos, Agent Bongi6, Agent Boo,


Jack78613, Agent Jetpack



Agencies Working For

Pookie Hater Defense



Agent Jetpack (A.K.A Jack78613) is a member of the Pookie Hater Defense. He is known for scouting the skies on his jet pack pranking,killing or capturing stupid pookies.He sometime's pretends to be a mother and takes a pookie to his igloo and leads them into a trap.


Jack78613 join CP in late 2008 he quickly learned all about the island and became a member in march 2009. He always enjoyed helping others and living a normal life with his green pet puffle: Jet pack guy.One day in july 2010 jack78613 went to the pet shop to buy his second puffle, a black one named Billybob,as he entered the pet shop he noticed starnge weird penguins sitting in puffle beds, dreesed like princesses with white belts saying stuff like: Wis swuper cute!!! he found it odd but ignored them and bought his new puffle. he made a couple more trips to the pet shop to buy puffle decor food and toys every time he went he noticed those weird penguins saying is cutest and is amazing!!! He was starting to get annoyed but left quickly after buying the supplies.The next day he was pretending to be a pet shop employee and was helping a lady pick out a puffle. Just then a penguin said: Is swuper cute! The lady ran away from me ignoring me and said ooh i want this pookie. Thats when jack lost his temper. he yelled: ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!??!! And skilled the pookie.Thats how his hatred of pookies began.

Kidnapping Pookies

Agent Jetpack takes off each night flying with stealth over cp, he then enters the pet shop and takes a sleeping pookie back to his tree fort so he wont be seen, usauly interrogating them first... and then sliting their throats and ending their worthless lives. He then puts the body in the pet shop a warning to all other pookies.

Master of Stealth

Agent Jetpack is a master of stealth scouting the skies at dark and rushing throught the forest unseen. This stealth mastery is all thanks to the combined training of jet pack guy and sensei's training.


  • Agent Jetpack was named after the jet pack which he always wears.
  • Agent Jetpack was trained by jet pack guy
  • Agent Jetpack's favorite real life food is macaroni
  • Agent Jetpack has a green puffle named jet pack guy
  • Agent Jetpack hates pookies
  • Agent Jetpack is currently inventing a new next gen jet pack for PHD
  • Agent Jetpack is friends with sensie, jet pack guy, rookie, aunt arctic, gary, and herbert P.bear and 432 others.
  • Agent Jetpack loves pizza
  • Agent Jetpack loves penguin tales volume 1, big adventure
  • Agent Jet pack named his jetpack scout
  • Agent Jetpack guy, (or jack78613) can usualy be found on blizzard or abominable.