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Agent Jasper
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Agent Jasper as seen on Oasis


Elizabeth Schuyler (Oasis) Shebyr (Club Penguin Rewritten)



Friends In PHD

TheBerserker, Agent Boo


Lacey (Formerly), Victoria (Formerly), Mackenzie (Formerly), Agent Jasper, Elizabeth Schuyler, Shebyr




Pookies, Preps, Haileyperry (Formerly), Mumu, Divas, Duh Duhs



Birth Date

November 25

PHD Joining Date

December 17, 2017

Meetable Character?


"The haters won't die out. Not today, not tomorrow. One day, we'll finally wipe you out."

~To the pookies~

"Stay strong. We'll defeat them one day. Stay alive for me."

~To the haters~

"Take care of your puffles, and don't let the pookies corrupt you."

~To the penguins~

Agent Jasper is PHD Agent. She's hated pookies for almost a year, and she now longs for a taste of their blood.

Official CP History

Agent Jasper (Shebyr) started Club Penguin in 2012, oblivious to the roleplaying world around her. She usually played Card Jitsu (before she became a prep, she became a ninja) and participated in parties. She just played to have some fun, not roleplay. She was pretty naive back then, but at least she didn't know about the roleplayers until later.

Around 2014, she started roleplaying. However, she didn't know what pookies were, and instead went to the school, and became a prep named Lacey. Lacey read many Wikihow articles on how to be a prep (at first, she didn't know what a prep was and called herself a popular cheerleader), and she mastered it over the years, allowing all of the prep haters to hate her guts. At this point, she would only go onto CP for 2 reasons; Catalogs (usually clothing. She changed her outfit several times a day), and prep roleplaying. Her igloo was always pink, but sometimes there would be some blue in it, due to Club Penguin's lack of good pink furniture (that wasn't rare).

In 2015, she met a girl named Icicles5 (Prep name: Crystal), who would be a prep with her. Lacey was always jealous of Crystal, because she would always become cheer captain, and the most popular girl, while Lacey was her little sister. Lacey tried to use her many catalogs worth of prep outfits to overpower her, but no use. She had been playing CP for a long time, and she was the one who had everything. In 2016, she realized what pookies were while reading a Wikihow article on what she thought was about preps. She was wrong. It was about being a pookie.

Lacey then took a break from being a prep, and became a pookie, with the name of Victoria. She was a diva pookie, and she would only allow herself to get picked by rare mumus, and she would rarely accept if they just said they were rich. At pookie contests, Victoria would leave if it wasn't rare, or if it was unpopular, but she never made a scene when she got out. She used the Pookie Wiki so she could practice on pookie contests, and figure out what pookies wore, for ideas on new pookie identities. She did create some new identities for her pookies, but she never really put them to use. Victoria would try to be the cutest pookie, but most of her sentences would get blocked by CP, due to the filters.

By the end of 2016, she was the primary target of bots and pookie protestors. Soon, she took a break being a pookie, and turned back into a prep. At this point, her name was Mackenzie, and she knew more quotes that would put her on top. Mackenzie didn't even care about Icicles5 anymore, and would tend to ignore her if she talked to her. She made enemies with a girl named Haileyperry previously, who would always try to become more popular. Haileyperry stopped being a prep in the end, and became a normal penguin. Mackenzie was disgusted at the fact that Haileyperry stopped being a prep, but then got over it when she joined the PHD.

When Mackenzie heard about the closure of Club Penguin, she was devastated, as she didn't want to join private servers. She decided to quit after her membership expired, and waited for Club Penguin Island to open. It was probably the longest month of her life.

Once she realized Club Penguin Island was the worst thing ever, she left the CP world for a while, and took interest in being a prep in a different game. On this game, preps and babies were extremely rare, so she got bored of that type of roleplay quickly, and used the game to be her true self.

Once she discovered CPR, she became a pookie for a very short time until her eyes opened. Pookies weren't something that should be acceptable to roleplay. She looked back at her old memories of being a pookie and a prep, and wished she had never became one of those creatures. She had fully joined the Pookie Wiki previously (actually contributing and being part of roleplay), and she remembered Superpuking.

Superpuking vandalized the Pookie Wiki for a while, and Shebyr would always be the first one to do something about it. His first account had contributed to the Pookie Protest Wiki, so she decided to do some exploring. She read many pages, and thought about joining. She decided to wait, and Superpuking made an account, with the name of TheBerserkerr34, to trick others into thinking it was TheBerserker. Shebyr warned him about it, and then used it as her chance to join the PHD.

Agent Boo had given her the test, and after 2 weeks of waiting, she finally took the test. She showed her hatred of pookies once she got onto CPR once again, this time killing the pookies. Agent Extreme accepted her into the PHD as Agent Jasper, and she frequently talked with TheBerserker on Oasis, with the username of Elizabeth Schuyler. 

On CPR, she adopts pookies and takes them to their igloo. If there is a hater present, she will buddy them, and ask them to come also, to help her kill the pookies. Most of the time, she doesn't get a chance to talk with the hater about the PHD.


Agent Berserker

Agent Jasper is a good friend of Agent Berserker, and they often PM each other on Penguin Oasis. IRL, Agent Jasper is relatively closed off, and Agent Berserker can sometimes get her out of her shell.

Agent Boo

Agent Boo was Agent Jasper's leader, so Agent Jasper gives him a high amount of respect. The 2 usually talk on message walls on the Wiki, but they've never talked on Club Penguin Rewritten. They've talked on Oasis PMs once, but it didn't last for very long. When he left, Agent Jasper was distraught, but didn't show it

Agent Vlad

They haven't talked much, but they killed pookies on CPR together so Agent Jasper likes him

Agent Overdrive

Once again, the 2 haven't talked very much, but Agent Overdrive is superior to her, and he helped Jasper kill pookies


Agent Extreme

Agent Jasper hasn't talked to Agent Extreme, so she has no opinion on him. She would've been upset when he left but Agent Boo had already left, so she couldn't focus on him.


Agent Jasper despised Superpookie when he was a vandal, but now that he's stopped Agent Jasper doesn't have much of an opinion.



Agent Jasper is disgusted by Pookies. She believes that they are extremely picky, and very rude. When she was originally a pookie, she found any Pookie that wasn't her, or her wista, absolutely obnoxious if they tried to be better than her. After joining the PHD, Agent Jasper thinks that all diva pookies were like her when she was a Pookie. Even when Agent Jasper disguises herself as a Pookie, she just sits in the Pet Shop, and Diva Pookies attack her when she didn't do anything. Aside from the look, she didn't act like a Pookie at all except for a couple of words.


Preps are pretty self~explanatory. Agent Jasper used to be a full~fledged Prep herself, but she now finds the act disgusting. None of them are unique, and they usually just copy each other. Agent Jasper completely supports Prep Haters. She has had bad experiences from IRL people that are basically the equivalence of Club Penguin Preps (most of them at her school are spoiled rotten girls who are upset when they break up with a guy even though they get like 12 a year or something, and argue over petty things).


Mumus protect Pookies with their lives, and are part of the Pookie FANDOM. She has no sympathy for them at all, and would kill them instantly


With Dudus, Agent Jasper feels some sympathy, but very minimal. All Pookies are incredibly rude to Dudus, but Dudus are still part of the Pookie FANDOM, so she sees them as enemies


He made Agent Boo leave, enough said. Agent Jasper pretty much hates him...

Why She Hates Pookies

Agent Jasper doesn't hate pookies directly. She believes that pookies are the young versions of preps, and after having many bad experiences with real life preps (popular girls at school, usually volleyball players), she hates them. She wants all of the preps to be tortured to death. With pookies, she usually gives them a fast death, as they aren't full preps yet, and she just doesn't want them to become preps.


"I was never a fake Pookie lover. I just opened my eyes a few weeks too late."

"I don't regret the time when I was a pookie. If I was never a pookie, I would never be a pookie hater."

"Pookies are incredibly immature. They should know that they'll have to learn proper english one day. While they're busy forgetting english, I'll actually try hard to go to a good college, get a well-paying job, and get a good life."

"Why am I a Pookie Hater? Let's just say I haven't been completely brainwashed by them..."


Prep Looks

When Agent Jasper was a prep, she would always use a blonde wig (usually Willow Wisp, Sidetied, or the Befluttered), and wear the blue cheerleading outfit. During her early days, or whenever it looked better than brown, she'd use the peach color. Whenever she wasn't at the school, she'd change into the Snowcone Ruffle Dress or just the regular one, and wear the boa that looks best with it (she owned all of the boas, unsurprisingly). During a party, she'd wear the Black Party Dress, the Lavender Gown, the Midnight Glamor Dress, or the Shimmer Diva Dress.

Pookie Looks

As a Pookie, she'd wear the golden tiara (sometimes, but rarely, the blue earmuffs), and some type of boa (usually pink, blue, or orange). Her body item always varied, but she'd wear the Lavender Gown or Black Party Dress most of the time; possibly a Ruffle Dress. For pajamas, she'd wear the blue winter sweater (she didn't like the actual pajamas). Her hand item varied the most, but her most common ones were the pink purse, the Holiday Teddy, or the Flower Basket. Her shoes were either the ballet slippers or the bunny slippers (at some points, she would wear the ballet slippers during the day, and the bunny slippers in bed)

Normal Looks

Agent Jasper wears black outfits most of the time. On Oasis, her old main outfit was the layered marshmallow outfit, with a brown sidetied ponytail, white diva glasses, black fur boots, and a white scarf. Currently, her outfit is the purple wig, white diva sunglasses, the black hoodie, a purple MP300, and black flats. If she ever disguises as a biggy, she keeps this look.


Real Life

Agent Jasper's mostly emo, wearing black on her penguins, and listening to music such as Panic! At the Disco, Twenty One Pilots, and My Chemical Romance (and old Paramore, occasionally). She can be a pretty nice person, but she knows when to be serious when she has to. In her spare time when she's not on the computer, she plays the piano and cello, and she draws in her sketchbook. She's mostly on the computer unless she's at school, sleeping, or traveling.


Agent Jasper's personality in real life differs from roleplay in many ways. In roleplay, Agent Jasper can be confident (sometimes arrogant), and she spends most of her time talking to the other members of the PHD, but when she's alone, she's often in her study room, which can have something to do with pookies or not. She enjoys puffles and is often interested in learning more about them.



Agent Jasper can easily hide, whether it's just in general, or hiding the fact that she's a Pookie Hater. If someone accuses her of being a Pookie Hater, she can easily deny it, and if she ever had to disguise as a prep or a pookie, she knows exactly how to do it without looking like a poser (considering she was a pookie for about 1-2 years).


Agent Jasper can easily fight her enemies. Yes, most of them are Pookies who can't do anything, but former PPP (and Neo PPP) agents could be strong, so she has to watch out for them, and make sure that she can fight them if it comes to that.


Quick Overview

Agent Jasper usually uses traditional weapons such as spears and knives, rather than more advanced weapons like sniper rifles or lasers.


Agent Jasper is okay with a spear, but she could still use a lot of work. She would only use this if it was the only weapon with her, but she still owns one in her igloo.


Knives are Agent Jasper's favorite weapons. First of all, knives are a harder weapon to learn, so if she was in a knife fight against someone, she might already be at a good advantage. Second of all, killing with knives gives you more control over the death of your adversary. You could throw a knife in their chest and call it a day, or slowly puncture the knife into the skin to make a slow, torturous death.


The sword is Jasper's second weapon. The sword was her first weapon she ever learned, so she's pretty skilled. She has a sword with a black handle and silver blade back in her igloo.

Agent Base

Front Yard

Agent Jasper's front yard is a giant garden of black roses, and the only way to enter her igloo is to walk on a narrow path of stepping stones that'll lead into her igloo. She has a voice-activated lock (PHD agents have to say "Welcome to Pretty. Odd" to get in) for extra protection, even though it's practically impossible to find the path to her igloo without knowing where it is

Living Room

This is the first room you walk in when you go to Agent Jasper's igloo. Like every other room in her igloo, everything except for the furniture is black (ceiling, floor, wall), and there are 2 blue couches. There is also a white table with 2 blue chairs. Each room is playing the P!ATD Pretty. Odd. album.

Study Room

This room is by far Agent Jasper's favorite, but also one of the lesser known areas of her igloo. In the study room, she creates strategies to defeat pookies, and all of her information is in that room, making Agent Jasper really wary about who goes in her study room and who doesn't. The walls and floors are black.


It's literally what the name says. A room with 2 dark blue beds, and then a computer in case she needs it. Once again, the walls and the floors are black.


  • Agent Jasper's former main look (on CPR)
  • Agent Jasper's living room
  • Agent Jasper's Study Room
  • Agent Jasper's Bedroom
  • Agent Jasper's former main look (on Oasis)


  • Agent Jasper's favorite CP minigames are Ice Fishing, Smoothie Smash, and Jetpack Adventure. She likes Ice Fishing, as it was easy for her to get all the stamps, allowing her to get the maximum amount of coins. She likes Smoothie Smash because it's a fun game in general. She likes Jetpack Adventure because it is fun and challenging at the same time. She likes the CPR revamp of Cart Surfer, though.
  • Agent Jasper has social anxiety.
  • Agent Jasper's favorite icecream flavor is cookie dough, though she's also a fan of vanilla.
  • Agent Jasper is bisexual.
  • Even when Agent Jasper was a pookie/prep, she despised uppies, and would try to ignore the family uppies. She preferred kitties.
  • Agent Jasper owned many puffles on CP (even when she was a pookie lover), and she owns 7 puffles on CPR (red, green, yellow, pink, purple, white, and black)