Agent corn

This is Agent Glade1.


Agent Glade1 (A.K.A Corn Sky on Club Penguin and North Aurora on Wikia) was a former PHD agent. He is the director of the Puffle Protection Program.


  • Agent Glade1 first joined Club Penguin on November 12, 2011.
  • He created the Puffle Protection Program shortly after his 2nd Club Penguin anniversary.
  • He quit the PHD on January 3, 2015 because he is becoming a busy person and has to focus on other things in life that are more important to him.
  • On his wiki, it has confirmed that he has 48 Club Penguin accounts.
  • He is currently a pookie neutral, so now he neither likes nor dislike them. He got used to them by now.
  • He eventually decided to finally quit Club Penguin by the end of 2016 after an incident which involved clones, which made him realize CP is stupid. He will still be on Wikia, which he still loves.


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