What Are His Forms?

Agent Fazbear has two forms. Dragon form, and PHD form. He normally uses his dragon form when skilling, but uses his PHD form as backup.

Dragon Form

This is Fazbear's main form when skilling. To be specific, his dragon form is the "Ancient Red Dragon" from the costume trunk from "The Penguins That Time Forgot". He mostly bites pookies, but sometimes burns and spits lava on them. This form works best for skilling with him. He will occasionally smack pookies and throw them around. His teeth are extremely sharp in this form, allowing for easy skills.

PHD Form

PHD form is Agent Fazbear's secondary form. It is a mix of the helmet acquired from the EPFAGENT item unlock code, Wave Braces, and the magma hoodie. He also has a snowball cannon. He uses the spikes on the edges of hoodie to hit, knockout, and skill pookies. He is usually wearing this outfit when walking around Club Penguin.

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