Why Does Agent Fazbear Hate Pookies?

Agent Fazbear began hating pookies on december 4th, 2014. He used to be a pookie in fact, but retired. He himself says "The pookie world is going corrupt. I know this because when I was a pookie I had been hit by a fair share of MELDS. Now I see divas and bullies left and right. These people have grabbed the pookie world by the throat, and slammed it down to the concrete. These divas and bullies etc. are spreading to other sections of club penguin, and I must end it all."

How Did He Find The PHD?

Agent Fazbear is a known member of the club penguin pookie wiki. He had posted a thread called "So I Noticed..." and talked about how the population of pookies was dying down. The infamous Kidzrule replied: "Because the haters killed them all!". Fazbear then decided to go on Kidz's profile. Under his website he found this wiki. He saw that this wiki was a large community of pookie haters, and then he realized he was one at heart. After snooping through the wiki a bit, he found the PHD! He left a request, took the test, but none of that got responses! Then Agent Club noticed him. He informed him that there was no way he would get a response, so he added him to the list!


  • Agent Fazbear's first mission is Operation: R.E.B.E.L
  • His codename is based off of the popular horror game "Five Nights At Freddy's" created by Scott Cawthon the creator of FNAF,FNAF2,FNAF3,FNAF4 and FNAF World.
  • He wrote this article!
  • His most famous way of abusing pookies is rubbing them in pine needles on a christmas tree!
  • He skilled his first pookie on 1/7/2015
  • His favorite SCP (from horror game SCP Containment Breach) is SCP-049
  • He use to be a PPP agent.

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