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This article is about someone who is meetable in Club Penguin.

Agent Extreme (A.K.A. Darkragent02) is the TIC of the Pookie Hater Defense.

He has made many inventions to kill pookies, such as the Elmo killer smoothie, and his anti pookie clones. All of his pookie friends have been killed by him, he used to like pookies until he saw the truth and joined PHD. He has made great friends on joining he PHD.He is also very experienced at combat, from killing pookies and an army he's part of an army known as RPF, he WAS a brigadier general in there and he uses his army training to kill pookies as well as the hater way. He also has many allies such as Smpcp9876 or Agent SMP, Stevenlego Aka Agent Vortex, but also enemies like Partstripes aka StripesMaster on wikia.

Why He Hates pookies

Once during a massive protest agt extreme saw some pookies about to get killed, seeing this he destroyed the hater drone and saved their lives, instead of a mere thanks, the pookies stuck their toungues at him and were mean, he said "I saved your lives" they replied "we don't care!". On hearing this he was furious and struck them with a huge slash of his shining thunder blade, they said "were sorry!" but the brave hater didn't care, since then, he vowed to hate pookies and thus joined the powerful agency pookie hater defence. And he has killed over 30 fam fams and 100 pookies, he has filled many tanks of pookie and Uppie blood.


The amazing agent has created many inventions to kill pookies such as "Elmo killer smoothie" and anti pookie-clones made from the pookie corpses he's collected over the days. And his favorite gun- though not his most powerful is his shoulder mounted machine gun. He also invented an assasin killer teddy which usually kills pookies mumus


Agent Extreme has very few enemies but one in particular annoying known as Ballono, and anyone who doesn't stop being mean to him, another one of his enemies known as Damastermind,The Rat.And PookieDreamer, and He also has another enemy known as Lego Batman- The annoying little lego creep, he hates Lego Batman because his little brother has too many Lego batman video games, and even worse- too many Lego Batman Sets.

Conflict with the KLA

During Operation Kidnap, Agent E was attacked by the KLA(Kitty Lover Agency) and their director Ballono, he was mad, the other PHD agents came rushing in and the troops of KLA agents were outnumbered then overwhelmed, Ballono lept at Agent Extreme, and started fighting him, he gave Agent E a scratch on the head with his knife, but he was out skilled and beaten. After this, he was furious and declared War. He summoned the Extremebot Army and got into his Extremejet and flew to their current HQ, he singlehandedly disabled the HQ stabilizers and the building collapsed, then the PHD arrested the remaining agents.

Note: The location of the current KLA HQ is unknown but AE is searching for it so he can once more bring the agency down to its knees.

The elmo killer smoothie

The elmo killer smoothie is a potion made by Agent Extreme. It is a potion that kills pookies. When the pookies drink it they get addicted to it and it destroys and burns their organs and insides. It is a very good creation of Agent E's


  • He used to like pookies.
  • He was a Pookie Protector.
  • He is the first hater to kill 100 pookies in 2 days.
  • His cousin also helped him who is also a hater and thinking about joining PHD
  • He killed his best friend who was a pookie.
  • He is the leader of the PHD Airforce.
  • He is very skilled.
  • He is sometimes called Agent E.
  • Thanks to Agent Omega X, he's become a SlugSlinger.
  • He singlehanded lay destroyed Agent Omega X's ship.
  • He is the creator of Extremebot and the Extremebot Army.
  • During Operation Keyboard and Operation Kidnap he and Bongi6 caused ALOT of pain to Agent Future/Galaxy/Universe aka Ballono, who had had a hard time due to being thrown in prison, defeated, out skilled and Much Much More.
  • He single handedly destroyed the Kitty Lover Agency once proving his capability, skill, power, and temper.
  • He was a lieutenant in the famous army known as Rebel Penguin Federation.
  • Since 2008 he has been training and has been in RPF since then making his skills beyond any other of his opponents.
  • His main penguin is 6 and a half years old because he joined CP in late 2007 when it was his seventh birthday. But unfortunately his penguin was banned forever and his current penguin is Darkragent02.
  • He was one of the greatest agents of the Pookie Hater Defense.
  • His main penguin had over 300 stamps.
  • He manufactured an assassin killer teddy which kills fam fams and mumus often.