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Agent Era and Ruby

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Her best buddy, mew

Agent Era ( Jessica93675) is a
 pookie hater who joined on 9th April 2015. She hates pookies and focusses on turning pookie lovers into pookie haters.

She is also an active pokémon player and has played Pokemon White 2, Pokemon  X and Y and Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha sapphire

Her current team consists of Uxie, Mespirit , Azelf, Cresselia, Rayquaza and latios


  • She loves Vanilla icecream
  • She hates pookies because:
  1. They have bad grammar
  2. They are an insult to orphans
  3. They sit in the pet shop which is meant for ADOPTING PUFFLES
  4. They copy diseases like cancer, blindness, pneumonia etc which are real life diseases and disorders and also the people experiencing them feel sad, insulted and angry
  • She has had pneumonia
  • She is a beginner animator and uses Stykz.
  • She is also a chick
  • She is in the phazed branch yet kills pookies physically
  • She was also shocked when the word "sucks " went through the filters when a pookie named Macy27 said " sucks on wittle thumb". She was disappointed and thought Club penguin was siding with pookies.
  • She is a fire ninja, a water ninja and a snow ninja and has earned all gems.
  • Her favourite pokemon is mew. which doesnt like its pokeball(ultraball). She also has a bulbasaur ans squirtle
  • She usually goes on to the server Blizzard but likes empty servers like parka and permafrost

How she hated pookies?

She joined Club penguin during the 2012 Ultimate Jam. But she didnt play much. In October 2012, She was suffering from pneumonia and decided to play club penguin as a time pass. She later went to the pet shop to adopt a puffle and she saw many yellow penguins crowded inside the place. They acted stuck up and also kept saying stuff like "wants mumu". She assumed they were just a bunch of penguins which were seperated from their mom and adopted her puffle and played with it. She then decided to adopt another puffle and saw a girl who was advertising a "big fam fam." She decided to enter the place and hid behind a TV. She saw many pookies who were there and one of them was saying " has pwemonia". She got so angry that she came out of her hiding place and many pookies said things like " woo awh glee"(she only had the new player hat at that time). She got enraged and started shouting at the pookie And told her how painful it feels to have pneumonia. The pookie ran away and the rest of the pookies started Teasing her and said " woo have pwemonia, now woo awh gleer than ever. She felt offened by this and ran away. But she decided to count it as a bad experience and continued playing club penguin. During this time, she adopted another puffle, completed almost all missions and saved Gary, Rookie and the puffles from herbert's clutches.

Her next painful encounter with pookies was when she entered a pookie house by mistake and the pookie, her mumu, dada,Au au and cuz cuz started shouting at her and insulting her. She skilled them all with her sword and shield. Her friend Bangalore, then recommended the pookie hater defence to her and she joined The agency to get rid of pookies

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