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Agent Era and Ruby

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Her best buddy, mew

Agent Era ( Jessica93675) is a
 pookie hater who joined on 9th April 2015. She hates pookies and focusses on turning pookie lovers into pookie haters.


  • She loves Vanilla icecream
  • She hates pookies because:
  1. They have bad grammar
  2. They are an insult to orphans
  3. They sit in the pet shop which is meant for ADOPTING PUFFLES
  4. They copy diseases like cancer, blindness, pneumonia etc which are real life diseases and disorders and also the people experiencing them feel sad, insulted and angry
  • She has had pneumonia
  • She is a beginner animator and uses Stykz.
  • She is also a chick
  • She is in the phazed branch yet kills pookies physically
  • She was also shocked when the word "sucks " went through the filters when a pookie named Macy27 said " sucks on wittle thumb". She was disappointed and thought Club penguin was siding with pookies.
  • She is a fire ninja, a water ninja and a snow ninja and has earned all gems.
  • Her favourite pokemon is mew. which doesnt like its pokeball(ultraball). She also has a bulbasaur ans squirtle
  • She usually goes on to the server Blizzard but likes empty servers like parka and permafrost

How She Hated Pookies?

Let's just say two painful encounters turned her from a Pookie neutral to a Pookie hater. (Don't check the page history please)