Agent Dnimretsam (pronounced dnim-retsam) is a clone of Agent Mastermind and is Agent Nwonknu's friend, like Unknown and Mastermind. He was created by Agent Nwonknu because he wanted a best friend like Mastermind, his name is Agent Mastermind backwards.


Agent Nwonknu wanted a friend like Mastermind because he was Unknown's friend, so he wanted to create a clone of Mastermind so like Club, he needed Mastermind's files to create him. When he was finished he was really happy and named him "Agent Dnimretsam".


  • Nwonknu and Dnimretsamare friends, like Unknown used to be friends with Mastermind.
  • They also have an agency commanded by Agent Agemo called Pookie Paedophage Program which is bascially a counterpart of the Pookie Protection Program.
  • He also likes azzip, like Mastermind does.