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This article is about someone who is meetable in Club Penguin.
Agent Dart
Agent Dart



Friends and Allies

Agent Club, Agent Slash, Agent Alyssa, Agent Bongi, Agent Vortex, other PHD Agents


Wikiadude12, Stripesmaster, pookies

Favorite Food

Watermelon and Squid

Birth Date

December 29


No longer active in CP

Agent Dart (Dafunkyazn3, Dafunkyazn2, Dafunkyazn3000, or Agent D) was a Sargent in the Pookie Hater Defense. He joined Club Penguin on March 6, 2013, joined the EPF somewhere around the end of March 2014, and joined the Pookie Hater Defense on August 5, 2014, and he resigned on December 27, 2014.

Why Did He Hate Pookies?

  • They use grammar incorrectly.
  • They make him mad.
  • They are annoying.
  • Although he never got banned, he gets mad and annoyed when he sees pookies try to report him.
  • They steal all of the attention from puffles.
  • They literally spoil his coffee.
  • They make him want to hurl.

Why is he no longer active in CP?

Now, he mainly does not care about Club Penguin because:

  • They have disappointing parties.
  • They have nothing worth getting a membership for.
  • ETC


Elite Penguin Force

  • Operation Hotsauce
  • Operation Puffle
  • Operation Crustacean

Pookie Hater Defense


  • Agent Dart used to have 522 friends in his list, but due to frequent item and friending bugs, he deleted about 500 of them.
  • He has most of the stamps.
  • His spare accounts are Dafunkyazn2 and Agent Dart.
    • Dafunkyazn2 is said to be Agent Trad , but it is yet to be confirmed...